SieMatic Dallas presents Mondial in the USA

SieMatic Dallas had every reason to celebrate on 9 May. The showroom in the Dallas Design District is home to the first eagerly awaited kitchen design of the SieMatic Mondial style world in North America. 90 interior designers and architects, renowned builders and SieMatic customers were invited to the Mondial premiere in the Texan metropolis and enjoyed hors d'oeuvres, diverse live cooking as well as refreshing gin and cucumber mojitos and sparkling rosé.

"Impressive, unique and (still!) one of a kind in North America"

When you enter the showroom, you immediately sense the bold presence of the SieMatic Mondial. Geometric shapes merge with opulent and expressive materials to create an emotionally unique kitchen experience. Mondial transcends the boundaries of kitchen design and blends impressively into the living space. The guests' response to SieMatic was accordingly: "impressive and unique" - which both delighted Hans Henkes, President and CEO of SieMatic USA, and also made him look ahead: "We are very pleased with the enthusiastic response from our numerous guests. The design community in Dallas is the first to experience the SieMatic Mondial with its unique interplay of materials, shapes and colour tones, but it will be rolled out across North America later this year." 

But the extensive and extensive renovation of the SieMatic Dallas showroom under owner Jennifer Fordham Blanco is not limited to Mondial. Four SieMatic plans are being staged on over 400 square metres. Directly opposite the SieMatic Mondial is a SieMatic SLX from the Pure style collection. With customisable LED lights housed in the iconic recessed handle, delicately proportioned worktops appear to float above timelessly elegant cabinets - an expression of refined simplicity. The showroom also features the popular SieMatic S2 and timeless design from the Classic style collection, which combines contrasting materials and surfaces. "While PURE reflects subtle minimalism, MONDIAL stands for expressive minimalism. End customers, architects and designers can experience this difference and the timeless CLASSIC design, which is particularly popular in North America, up close here at SieMatic Dallas," Hans Henkes differentiates.

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