Our bespoke kitchens
are tailored to individuals

It’s where families first gather in the morning, where friends pour each other tea, and where the best parties end up. The kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why we design bespoke kitchens to suit your personal needs and style, creating a place you’ll love to live in – and look at! Whether you prefer the purity of minimalism, the authenticity of classic craftsmanship, or the individuality of urban chic – SieMatic has a style for you. Go ahead and browse our collections!

What's your style?

Bespoke kitchen ideas as exciting and versatile as urban life itself

Show off your unique personality with our style collection URBAN and invite your friends to socialise around a bespoke kitchen island inspired by the spontaneous creativity of city dwellers everywhere. This style brings forth love stories between design classics and your favourite flea market keepsake.

Neighbouring carefully selected objects in thematic contrasts a juxtaposition is created that is as unconventional, as it is intuitive. A combination of vertical and horizontal structures, of open and closed elements uses each space to its fullest potential. Because it isn’t the size that matters, but the idea. Your idea. Aided by our wide range of colours and high-quality materials your vision will come to life – be it through a light array of bespoke kitchen cabinets, or surprising elements like a stone herb garden, or a harmonious combination of both.

Simplicity says it best – let your bespoke kitchen speak

Minimalism opens space for creativity. Now experience the myriad of creative options simplicity has to offer with our style collection PURE. This bespoke kitchen design integrates functionality perfectly and unobtrusively with the architecture, giving you more space for your personality to unfold. The minimalist aesthetics of our streamlined surfaces conceals sophisticated and thoughtful innovations.

To preserve the distinguished atmosphere your bespoke kitchen cabinets can, for instance, be fitted with disappearing doors behind which electrical appliances simply vanish when not in use. With functions perfected down to the smallest detail, giving you up to 30 % more storage space this highly flexible interior system turns any space into a canvas to represent you. Because here the focus is on you; not the furniture.

A bespoke handmade kitchen
to give you the best of two worlds

Elegantly combine the old and the new with our style collection CLASSIC. Not merely for traditionalists, we have turned to renowned interior designers to create classic in its current form. These room concepts are characterised by timeless elegance and symmetric arrangements that innovate the familiar to give it a modern spin. Take one of our signature pieces, for example, the reinvented “Chinese wedding cabinet”. This expressive piece lends an air of elegance and ease to any bespoke kitchen and marries classic design principles to state-of-the-art functionality. It can be equipped as a cupboard, fridge, or freezer or even a combination of the three. And this is only one example of the endless creative possibilities SieMatic offers to make this bespoke kitchen the best it can be: truly yours.

Leave your dream in capable hands

If there is one thing you can fault us for it’s that our devotion is singular. Since the company’s founding in 1929, we’ve designed and built only the highest-quality kitchen furniture and nothing else. Staying true to ourselves helps us to stay true to others – to you and your dream of a bespoke handmade kitchen. Relentlessly seeking to improve and innovate this room that has for many become the most important and most frequently used in their day-to-day lives has awarded us the 2016 German Brand Award in gold, the highest award of the internationally renowned “Rat für Formgebung”. Formgebung – giving form to something – is a grand word and excelling at it is as grand an objective. 

For our customers we not only strive to give form to bespoke luxury kitchens, but to their dream. Fortunately, the kitchen is a gratifying canvas offering a great scope in planning, design and furnishing. Maybe you have your mind set on one of our unique kitchen islands. Then we can start the design process from the heart of the kitchen and dream your way outward to maximize the use of every nook and cranny of the individual architecture with our highly-flexible cabinets. Or your vision is one of colour and texture, be it a grounding nutmeg, an inspiring magnolia white, or an empowering graphite grey accented with metallic hues. Our easy-to-handle MultiMatic system allows us to start the journey from any angle and continue in whichever direction your dream takes us. So just allow your mind to wander and leave the rest in our hands to do what they do best – make kitchen dreams come true.

So let's get together. Where?
Well in the kithen, of course.

The kitchen is a place where personal taste can be celebrated to your hearts content, and not only in culinary terms. Let us celebrate your taste together! Think of us as your party planner – bespoke kitchen design by SieMatic should make your life easier from the first consultation through all stages of planning and realisation up to our shared goal: a place that brings delight every day and reflects and empowers you!

To that end, we invite you to visit us online or in one of our many showrooms, where you can experience our quality materials and state-of-the-art technology first hand and encounter timeless styles made to inspire and push you to dream big. Together the decision to plan your new kitchen will be the beginning of an exciting journey, like an adventure, but with a guide armed with the best combination of master craftsmanship and myriads of design possibilities. So let’s get together in your future kitchen, a place made to gather, to enjoy, to relax – and hopefully made by us for you.