SieMatic: A family-owned company

SieMatic is a family business, currently run by the third generation of Siekmanns. In an era of globalization and consolidation, we bring together a special degree of integrity, reliability and partnership.

SieMatic family: Photo of the first employees of August Siekmann Möbelwerke in 1929


But the "SieMatic family" also includes all who work internationally in and for the company. Everyone has a different task, but all have the same goal: preferring the best. Photo: Employees August-Siekmann-Möbelwerke in 1929.

From the founding to today

August Siekmann laid the foundation for industrial furniture production after the first World War as a partner in a carpentry operation. After a ten-year partnership, he continued to lead the company and founded the August-Siekmann-Möbelwerke furniture factory in 1929, making a name for itself across regional borders in manufacturing kitchen furniture. He passed away in 1955 at the only 61 years of age. His motto "preferring the best" drives the company today.

In 1955, August-Wilhelm Siekmann took over the management of his father's business. With the development of the revolutionary SieMatic 60 in 1960, he coined a new name for the company that became an epitome of modern kitchens. As the originator of the SieMatic brand, he transformed the family business into an international company over the course of his extraordinarily long career. In 1994, he handed the reins of management to his son Ulrich W. Siekmann. August-Wilhelm Siekmann passed away on August 29, 2004.

"To meet the individual needs and growing demands of our customers, we want to do more than build first-class kitchens. Together with international designers and SieMatic experts around the world, we create habitats of timeless elegance that perfectly reflect the personality of their owners. We call it 'SieMatic Kitchen Interior Design.'"

Ulrich W. Siekmann has been managing the family business since 1994, and it continues to expand internationally while remaining independent.