Personal Development at SieMatic: Your personalized training in a family business

Personal Development

Quality, Innovation and Timeless elegance combined with the experience of a long company history. As in every company, we could not achieve our success without our dedicated and talented employees. They are the heart of our family business. Only with our employees and their expertise can we make room for innovative ideas and bring them to fruition. Without them, our company would not be what it is. The SieMatic brand can only realize its promise of quality and perfection together with our staff. Our goal is to attract, hire, and retain hard-working, talented employees. That's why we offer something in return. A core value of our corporate culture is fair and respectful treatment of our employees.

We expect candor, information and loyalty on all sides. A secure workplace is a matter of course. We offer flexible work hours and continued professional development. For our employees, their profession is more than just a job that needs to get done. Instead, it drives them, shaping their work and making a difference. Developing the best solutions and pleasing our customers is our constant drive, regardless of function within the company. To ensure that our team reaches their best potential, it is particularly important for us to create an environment for professional and personal development. Our employee diversity is a valuable asset to the future of our company. We would be delighted to make you a part of SieMatic and join us in designing the future of the kitchen!

Developing talent is particularly close to our hearts. We know our employees are the ones who ensure our company's lasting success. The fact that knowledge is only up to date for an increasingly short time is another factor that led us to further our employees' training and qualification.We want to work with our staff early on to find areas for future potential - for our employees and for us as a company. In order to effectively establish and maintain strategic personnel development, we have regular meetings with our employees about their personal strengths so we can work together to tailor training and next steps for development. We would like our approach to staff development to ensure employee qualification, continuous development based on future job profiles, comprehensive planning to familiarize new employees with their roles quickly and fully, and support existing employees adopting new roles - thereby strengthening systematic, ongoing training and education, and motivating our employees.



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