Kitchen design that passes the test of time

One aspect that makes planning a kitchen transformation so daunting is time. Not only the length of time it takes or whether it will be finished on time, but also and maybe most importantly: will my kitchen pass the test of time? Obviously, it is a question of quality materials, since surfaces are nowhere under more stress than in the kitchen. Nevertheless, still that question is a twofold one. Nobody wants their kitchen to fall apart or look worn after only a few years. After all, on average, people expect to get a good 15 to 20 years out of their kitchen. Where latest kitchen design has to pull double duty, however, is in the look and feel of the place. The same way you deserve your furnishing to last, the style of your kitchen should last as well. No one wants their kitchen to be outdated as soon as they have started settling in.

If you are inspired to plan a truly timeless kitchen with stylish elements and quality materials, then read on.

Express yourself – again and again!

One thing that never goes out of style is personality. That is why one of the key aspects of SieMatic’s three style collections URBAN, PURE, and CLASSIC is the emphasis on individual planning options. To keep our new kitchen design from getting stale we created modular systems so flexible, they lend themselves to reflecting the personalities of their owners effortlessly. The style collection that perhaps best explains this idea of timeless individuality is CLASSIC. SieMatic has always prided itself on marrying experience and tradition with innovation and ingenuity. Thanks to fruitful collaborations with renown international designers, the scope of interpretation offered by the style collection CLASSIC by far surpasses traditional kitchen design. With just a few pieces, CLASSIC can furnish an impressive and distinct space. Featuring timeless shapes and proportions, it harmoniously combines the old with the new, creating a sophistication that is literally one for the ages.

This undying power of individual expression is also at the heart of the style collections PURE and URBAN. Whether it is the versatility of unconventional, yet intuitive juxtapositions inspired by urban life itself that sets you on the journey to self-expressive kitchen design, or the inspirational effect of minimalism – with SieMatic kitchen design the focus will always be on you, not on the furniture.

Choosing a style collection is, however, only the start, a first general direction to stimulate the creative process. Because something else that never goes out of style are high-quality materials and elegant colours. Be it matt or glossy, from titan or lotus white to nutmeg and graphite grey – our sophisticated colour range certainly has a timeless choice in store for you to set your kitchen’s tone. Next it is time to boost the individuality with a broad choice of surface material. Whether you prefer your natural wood smooth, or want to add some profile, the character of master craftsmanship will surface with ease. You can even sneak some family-friendly, easy-to-clean secret into your kitchen design by opting for one of our stunning simulated wood countertops. By the time, you are ready to accentuate your drawers with handles ranging from “gold bronze” to “matt black”, give your countertops some light metal edges, or add some eye-catching brushed or glossy glass metal shelves, there will be no doubt that this kitchen will be the best it can be: well and truly in sync with your personality!


True beauty comes from the inside

Now that the outside is all nice and shiny – or matt and brushed, the choice is yours – lets open those silently sliding drawers and cabinets and push those vanishing doors aside to take a look at the tastefully hidden appliances and impressively efficient organisational system. Kitchen interior by SieMatic shows that there is more to kitchen cabinet design than meets the eye. Of course, we made sure that our three interior accessory systems in laminate, wood, or aluminium are aesthetically attractive. But the true beauty of a SieMatic is in the innovative details which, once experienced, would be sorely missed. There are small conveniences such as the patented SieMatic FLOCK2BLOCK-system that creates a unique “coupling effect” by fitting all porcelain elements with a flocked underside rendering them non-slippery on flocked drawer inserts, but still easily removable. And then there is the future-ready MultiMatic organisational system, a system of unlimited possibilities for up to 30% more storage space. True to our quest for timelessness, this kitchen interior design hero is a real master of flexibility. The MultiMatic system for wall, tall, and base cabinets can be adapted to your changing needs whenever you want – effortlessly and by yourself.


German kitchen manufacturers are renown for their “form follows function” kitchen design approach. That is true for SieMatic as well, except we believe that aestheticism also has a real function: aestheticism is a mode of expression. To not have this expression limited by bulky cooling and baking appliances, SieMatic Frame Design integrates them in recessed cabinets. With an airy look, and a weightless feel, it won’t diminish your style.

A kitchen that lasts

The true test of good kitchen design is not whether it can follow all the latest trends – most trends don’t last as long as you want your kitchen to last - it’s about sifting through the trends and innovations to find those that have proven themselves. Backed up by experience, expertise, quality, and precision, contemporary kitchen design can be elevated to a living space of true timelessness: one that brings delight every day for years to come. To find that space together, visit us online or at one of our many show rooms!


Experience the SieMatic Style Collection Pure in person: Come experience new perspectives. Your SieMatic consultant is always up-to-date with current designs and technical innovations. And they are experts at listening, to meet your needs and reveal even more possibilities. Your SieMatic consultant looks forward to your visit.


Take a look at our brochures for tips and suggestions for kitchen design, and more details about the quality and variety of SieMatic products. You can download SieMatic brochures or place an order for a high-quality print version, all quickly and easily online.