Handleless kitchens

The decision to go handleless might not be an easy one. You have probably already decided on taking the step to get a new kitchen and browsed through some brochures and website. They look sleek, and become very practical: What about those times, you’re not elegantly entertaining, but whirling around less gracefully in an attempt to get dinner ready on time or prepare a quick bite before rushing out? Will you miss having something to grab on to then? A kitchen’s look should never be at the cost of compromising practicality. As the inventors of the handleless kitchen, we here at SieMatic obviously think they are great. But most importantly we want you to make the right decision for you which will bring a little more joy to your day – every day for years to come.

Let’s get a handle on this

So you’ve been looking at those brochures that made your mouth water for that clean, uncluttered, streamlined handleless kitchen. Your appetite is whet all right, but as with anything tasty looking, you would kind of like to know how it was made and whether it’s actually as good for you as it looks.

There are indeed several ways to do away with handles in the kitchen. On overhead handleless kitchen cabinets, for instance, the doors can simply hang down a little further than the carcasses giving your fingers a lip to hook under and pull it open. Obviously, this only works for wall mounted cabinets. With tall or base cabinets, it is a little more tricky. One unobtrusive option is a moulded finger pull consisting of a channel that is routed into the top edge of drawer fronts or cabinet doors. Another way to go are touch opened handleless kitchen units. With a simple small push, the doors or drawers pop open. This has the added advantage of giving you a handsfree option for those time, when you are carrying stacks of crockery or bags of groceries.

And don’t worry about the fingerprints! The new SieMatic AntiPrint finish takes care of that even on black matt surfaces. Finally, there is the evergreen star of the contemporary handleless kitchen scene, the true handleless kitchen! First designed by yours truly in 1960, these kitchens are fitted with continuously integrated, recessed handle channels. They are masterpieces of craftsmanship and precision, since the channel is only integrated after the kitchen is fitted to ensure a seamless continuation between the individual cabinets and drawers.
But enough about the how – after all, you already knew it was possible. Let’s look at the why. What are the advantages that go beyond the outward appeal?

No handles, no problem

Though a handless kitchen might need some getting used to at first, one thing that becomes noticeable straight away is how easy it is to move around. Especially in small spaces having no handles to stub your hip or catch your clothes on is a real relief and a safety benefit – especially if children are around.

The lack of handles doesn’t only create more freedom of movement but promotes visual flow as well. An open plan contemporary handleless kitchen is more organically integrated into the adjoining living spaces, because the smooth, clean look blends in more harmoniously.

There is a reason why handleless kitchens look decluttered and clean – it’s easier to keep them that way! Handleless kitchen drawers and cabinets are easier to clean, because there is nothing protruding. A continuous channel is also easier to wipe and keep hygienic than a bunch of individual handles.

Finally, the benefits of style shouldn’t be underestimated either. A modern handleless kitchen stays modern for decades. There simply is a real timelessness about this smooth, effortless design aesthetic. Just take a look at the SieMatic 60. It was the very first of its kind and groundbreakingly set a new style in kitchens across the world. And it still looks fresh even today! This agelessness won’t only enhance your own enjoyment of the kitchen. There is a more practical advantage to it, as it raises the value of your property and allows for more flexibility. A fitted kitchen is wonderful, but it is also a long-term commitment, as it loses a lot of its appeal, if moved to a place it wasn’t meant to be. And if it doesn’t age well, you might still love it, but it would be much harder to sell. The additional cost incurred by the extra planning and workmanship needed to go handleless is often cited as an argument against handleless kitchen design. Keeping in mind, however, that the resale value will remain higher for longer – especially regarding German handleless kitchens – can significantly reduce financial concerns.

But if you like a good handle, don’t fly off it.

We don’t want to put you off handles though. There are many advantages to a handleless kitchen, yes, but there is also a lot to be said for handles. That’s why we made sure that sticking with handles is by no means less stylish. One thing handles can add beautifully, are accents. Playing with our wide variety of shapes and sizes, a kitchen’s character can be enhanced magnificently. Whether you want to give it some opulence in “gold bronze”, show sleek sophistication in “stainless steel”, or be right on trend with “matt black”, your choice of handles is sure to make a statement.

Choosing a kitchen style that is right for you is a very individual matter. So consider your personal lifestyle and cooking habits. Try and get a feel for where handleless kitchen cabinets would suit you and where you might prefer to keep a handle on it. You don’t have to go handleless all the way!

Let the experts handle it!

Handle or no handle might be a tough choice, but talking through your personal preferences and needs with one of SieMatic’s consultants will help you to make it with confidence. You won’t find more competence on the field than in one of our showrooms. Not only did the very first handleless kitchen come out of our manufacturing base in Löhne, we have reinvented it for over 50 years. In 2000 the new SieMatic 6006 celebrated the 40th anniversary of the handleless kitchen and we have been paying homage to it ever since in various timelessly elegant iterations.

Have a look around our website and brochures and be inspired. Then we invite you to visit us in one of our SieMatic Studios to experience high-class handleless kitchen design first hand!


Experience the SieMatic Style Collection Pure in person: Come experience new perspectives. Your SieMatic consultant is always up-to-date with current designs and technical innovations. And they are experts at listening, to meet your needs and reveal even more possibilities. Your SieMatic consultant looks forward to your visit.


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