Let our high end kitchens take center stage in your home.

It is what we create them for. At SieMatic, we want your home’s hub to be as unique as you are, sophisticated and functional.

Clean lines, sustainable materials and state of the art practical solutions allow for understated elegance. Moreover, we like to focus on the essential: creating a universe that best reflects your individuality. Whether you love simplicity, the city life or timeless classic elegance, we will make sure that our high end kitchens become the inviting space in which your life just seamlessly integrates in style.

Less is more. An amazingly minimal yet surprisingly convivial high end kitchen.

What characterizes a high end kitchen is the excellence of craftsmanship and the choice of exquisite materials. When fused with vanguard technology, everything becomes possible. At SieMatic, we understand that and create our elegant designs to fit into your life. A perfect example of this is our PURE style collection. In our busy lives, coming home to a space of harmony and tranquility is the highest luxury. The beauty of this collection resides in the effortless cohabitation of minimalism and conviviality. The kitchen simply becomes the inviting space in your home where you’ll want to kick up your heels and celebrate life, whether it is a quiet dinner with your family, a moment alone enjoying a cup of coffee or a cheerful party with your friends. We designed the PURE style collection with you in mind.

A high end kitchen of urbane refinement as a welcome addition to a metropolitan lifestyle.

In a growing urbanization where space becomes increasingly cramped, SieMatic offers you a luxurious alternative. With the SieMatic URBAN style collection, the city life becomes one of metropolitan refinement. Blending sophisticated space saving design solutions with timeless elegance while embracing the polished modernity of open interior design, we created high end kitchen designs for this collection that find their roots in the very core of urbanity. Carefully chosen materials of exquisite quality allow for every piece of our compositions to be as beautiful inside as they are on the outside. Our high end kitchen cabinets are a case in point. We blended an elegant combination of precious woods, fine porcelain and high-quality aluminum to offer you a subtle pleasing experience in the heart of your home.

Reconciling classic values with innovation - A high end kitchen of timeless elegance.

Among high end kitchen brands, SieMatic is known for its impeccable craftsmanship paired with leading-edge technology wrapped in designs of striking sophistication. The SieMatic CLASSIC style collection showcases timeless yet contemporary designs that merge effortlessly with a more traditional approach to interior design and transform your home’s hub into a stunning centerpiece. The old becomes new again at the same time as it provides an elegant solution. Such is the case of one of our CLASSIC style collection’s signature pieces, the Chinese wedding cabinet. We revisited the original cupboard and transformed it to offer you the best of both worlds: an arresting piece of furniture and a smart answer to your storage needs that can even be equipped to act as a refrigerator or a freezer.

Why SieMatic is the right high end kitchen company for you.

Timeless elegance, singularity, leading-edge technology, excellence of craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials. Ever since we started our company in 1929, these are the staples that enable us to deliver the greatest value in a high end kitchen to our customers. Today we still strive to build cutting-edge kitchen compositions. Always looking back at tradition, we relentlessly move forward to offer you the most innovative space-saving solutions such as the award-winning MultiMatic interior accessories system, which allows you to save up to 30% space.Likewise, the Siematic 29 sideboard, inspired by the classic kitchen buffet. This smart and highly functional piece from our URBAN style collection was awarded the prestigious German Brand Award in Gold in 2016 for its vanguard design.

Stunning black marble niches standing out against high gloss white lacquer cabinets. Exquisite volcanic stone countertops paired with honey walnut drawers.

Sophisticated graphite grey door panels adorned with stainless steel. A myriad of options awaits you to create your unique dazzling kitchen composition through an elaborate use of colors, textures and high-quality materials. At SieMatic we love to follow your lead and build a space of refinement that reflects your very own lifestyle. After all you are one of a kind and your high end kitchen should be too.

Help us create the perfect high end kitchen for you.

What do you enjoy most in your home? What is your lifestyle? How would you like to feel in your high end kitchen? These are only a few of the questions we’ll ask before we start. We want to design this unique living space as a vibrant celebration of who you are, a natural extension of the life you tastefully live, a space of great style and luxurious comfort where you’ll love to enjoy time alone or gather with family and friends.

Visit us online or come and meet us at one of our showrooms to discover the exceptional selection of our SieMatic kitchen designs. We’ll make this visit an exciting experience, guiding you through the process step by step or, if you wish, scheduling a follow up appointment at a time of your convenience. We believe that you should have all the time and knowledge you need before you decide on what your high end kitchen will look like. When you are ready, we’ll listen and bring it to life.


Experience the SieMatic Style Collection Pure in person: Come experience new perspectives. Your SieMatic consultant is always up-to-date with current designs and technical innovations. And they are experts at listening, to meet your needs and reveal even more possibilities. Your SieMatic consultant looks forward to your visit.


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