Why luxury kitchen design is for everyone

If you are considering a luxury kitchen then SieMatic is definitely the right kitchen company to approach. What does luxury truly mean to you? Perhaps you are very busy in your day to day life, sometimes barely finding the time to slow down. Luxury to you might be having an oasis at home, a place to decelerate and relax or having a comfortable environment in which to enjoy a home-cooked meal if your job requires you to eat out a lot. Maybe you are an inner-city dweller to whom each inch of space is something to be savouredor you love entertaining, socialising with friends and family, and making them feel welcome and relaxed in a sumptuous space.
Luxury, by definition, is a state of great comfort and what makes one feel comfortable is as individual and diverse as people themselves. Be it time, tranquillity, space, self-expression, a sense of home and love, all of the above or something completely different – true luxury kitchen design is about whatever makes you and your interaction with it feel luxurious. SieMatic, with it’s timeless, elegant, stylish features can realise your luxury kitchen of choice.

It all starts with you!

Since our first kitchen buffets hit the drawing board in 1929, we at SieMatic have been driven by a singular ambition: to develop kitchens that set an example and raise the standards in diversity of individual planning option. For it is not the price tag but the creative freedom to make that space fully your own that truly gives you that luxury feel – when executed with precision and the highest-quality materials, of course.

To make your creativity soar, we have developed modular systems that enable you to co-design timelessly sophisticated luxury fitted kitchens, which reflect your personality to a tee. The design principles of SieMatic’s three style collections PURE, URBAN, and CLASSIC rid us of the rigidity common to other product range structures. This way, individual lifestyle needs can be taken into account more flexibly and in detail. In this and all else, we aim to make your life easier – from the very beginning of the planning stages across the entire fitting process to the finishing touches and, most importantly, on to your daily life.

Luxury kitchen design is all in the detail

We believe in quality. Whether it comes to our state of the art manufacturing technology, working with renowned international designers, our employees’ training and expertise, or the choice of materials – we have followed August Siekmann’s motto of “preferring the best” from the start. Yet there is more to designing a space that brings delight every day. It is the many smart details that make the differenceand often it is the smallest ones that have a marked everyday effect. Like genuinely innovative organisational systemsor the exact right balance between light and dark surfaces.

Take the interior design of small luxury kitchens for example. Here, more than anywhere, composing is an art. An art that demonstrates that it is truly not the size that matters, but the idea! The versatility of the SieMatic style collection URBAN, for instance, stems from its unconventional, yet intuitive juxtapositions that create a harmonious image, while at the same time being rich in contrast. The design philosophy behind it allows us to play with colour, forms, materials, and sizes of the individual furnishing pieces in a way that lets every inch pull double duty without giving it a crowded feel. Ceiling-high shelving can act as a room divider, while simultaneously aesthetically pulling the kitchen and living space closer together. Together with closed luxury kitchen cabinets the open shelving also creates an elegant ensemble that connects storage to preparation areas.

You can showcase your personality with your favourite flea market keepsake and other beautiful objects, while effortlessly maximizing the use of space. And then there are a kitchen’s “interior values”! A luxury contemporary kitchen should know how to display some items with style, while keeping others hidden, yet ready at hand. With our award-winning, flexible MultiMatic interior organisation system it is easy to keep everything in order. Whether it is incorporated into wall, tall, or base cabinets, the patented SieMatic multi-function track at the heart of the MultiMatic system allows you to arrange and rearrange considerately thought through functional elements to suit your changing kitchen needs – giving you up to 30 % more storage space! Organised in a precise grid of 16 mm this is perfection down to the smallest detail.

So what’s the true secret to a luxury kitchen?

It could be the individuality and diverseness it radiates, or the reflection of self-expression it emanates. It could also be the standard you aim for or simply the experience of interacting in a comfortable environment. A great kitchen that makes your everyday easier, more comfortable, and joyful, a place where preparing meals is fun, whether you put on the kettle for your morning cup of tea or prepare an elaborate five course meal to entertain and delight your friends, a place that truly conforms to your taste – now that is luxury!

Let SieMatic enable your vision. Let us come along for the ride to discover what luxury truly means to you. Have a look at our inspiring range online or perhaps you prefer to the tactile feel letting your fingertips wander across natural volcanic stone and stainless steel in one of our many showrooms. Whether its timesaving details, an impressive entertainment space, a herb garden oasis, or something else all together that lets you experience the luxurious feeling you yearn for and deserve, together we will discover it and make it happen. Start your journey to luxury now, here at SieMatic!


Experience the SieMatic Style Collection Pure in person: Come experience new perspectives. Your SieMatic consultant is always up-to-date with current designs and technical innovations. And they are experts at listening, to meet your needs and reveal even more possibilities. Your SieMatic consultant looks forward to your visit.


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