The MultiMatic interior accessories system

The highly flexible and easy-to-handle MultiMatic interior accessories system is based around elegant aluminum trays and frames in various widths and depths that are attached to the SieMatic multifunction track without any visible attachments. They can be equipped so individually and functionally with numerous MultiMatic accessories that everything really does find its perfect place.

SieMatic MultiMatic

With MultiMatic, the design philosophy of the SieMatic interior accessories for drawers and pull-outs has been applied consistently for tall, wall, and base cabinets. This highly flexible, award-winning interior accessories system exclusive to SieMatic offers the same aesthetic pleasure that comes from an elegant combination of materials such as high-quality aluminum, precious woods, and fine porcelain – as well as a number of many new functions perfected down to the last detail.

A system of
unlimited possibilities

With intelligent MultiMatic solutions and professional storage design by your SieMatic kitchen expert, you can more elegantly accommodate and outfit your existing space. See for yourself.

Gain up to
30% more space

Nowhere is space as valuable as in the kitchen. With the MultiMatic Interior Accessories System, you don’t give away a single centimeter while creating a practical sorting system for your things. This is possible thanks to the SieMatic multifunction track, divided using a precise 16-mm grid. It is present in every interior of a SieMatic cabinet, and is also available inside doors. SieMatic accessory clips, which can be equipped as desired with numerous SieMatic accessory elements, are attached simply and securely with a 90° turn. The tracks are sealed to protect from dust and moisture.


Optimum storage use

An open shelf ensures optimal use of storage space and provides even greater flexibility for storing objects of different heights.


Always the right height

With holders and stabilizers in different widths and depths, bottles or jars can also be stored securely in cabinet doors.


Very accommodating

Ideal for heavy objects: High-capacity drawers and "roll-outs" for tall and base cabinets help make the most of storage space.


Fitting equipment

There isn't a more stylish way to store classes and bottles. With MultiMatic, you can turn simple storage into an exclusive wine cabinet.

Individual storage space

Wood inserts for individually designed frames are available in dark smoked chestnut (photo) and light oak.

The SieMatic multifunction track

The patented SieMatic multifunction track, divided using a precise 16-mm grid, is available in every interior of SieMatic cabinet interior and can also be installed inside doors. It can be equipped as needed with the many highly functional MultiMatic system elements for the kitchen, so your kitchen cabinets become flexible, functional elements of timeless elegance.

Sound advice from a kitchen designer

The MultiMatic interior accessory system can be individually arranged and easily adapted and modified. However, in order to find the best combination to fit your needs, we recommend you make your selections with a SieMatic kitchen designer.

SieMatic Inside - Online brochure

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