Versatile variations of kitchen accessories are available from SieMatic,


Kitchen interior by SieMatic

SieMatic drawers and pull-outs are perfection in both appearance and performance. Whether in base cabinets or kitchen islands, no technical detail disturbs the aesthetics. They are sturdy, easy to open, and available in any width from 25 to 120 cm. And best of all: They give you the greatest possible freedom of design for your kitchen's details.


Three systems - Infinite possibilities

Kitchen design from the outside in: Whether you prefer the purist, urban or classic style collection, your SieMatic kitchen expert offers three different systems with fascinating possibilities to design the interior of base cabinets or islands according to your personal taste and elegantly designed to coordinate with the surfaces of kitchen furniture and details. Making cooking even more enjoyable. Do you need help making a selection? The SieMatic Concierge will be happy to help you and advise you by phone, e-mail, and WhatsApp.


Aluminum kitchen accessories

Highly customizable accessories in aluminum and dark smoked chestnut or light oak in combination with dark grey flock mats define the character of this SieMatic development.

Wooden kitchen accessories

Versatile combinations of SieMatic cutlery and accessory inserts in light oak, combined with numerous functional inserts in light oak, porcelain, and aluminum, give this option its cozy yet elegant appeal.


Laminate kitchen accessories

With its modern, graphical form, the easy-to-care-for SieMatic accessories in matte white laminate is a popular alternative or supplement to the SieMatic aluminum or wood Interior Accessories Systems.

The aluminum interior accessories system

 An aesthetic treat that is unique in its functionality and unmistakable in its graphical look. This is ensured by the innovative new material combination of aluminum, light oak or dark smoked chestnut, flock, and porcelain, as well as precise workmanship down to the smallest detail. Intelligent, contemporary ideas, like the integrated USB connection, offer valuable functions for the “living space” of the kitchen. The highly flexible system makes it possible to re-arrange and re-equip drawers and pull-outs at any time, individually, in your SieMatic kitchen.

Kitchen accessory excellence

The SieMatic aluminum interior accessories system has won a number of design awards from renowned international institutions for its innovation, modern ideas, exceptional materials and unique aesthetics.


Never has creating order
been so much fun

The basis of the SieMatic Aluminum Interior Accessories System is provided by aluminum elements that can be combined depending on desired function and placed securely upon a flock mat. The resulting spaces are equipped with cutlery and additional inserts in dark smoked chestnut or light oak. Drawers and pull-outs can also be equipped with numerous functional elements, such as the appealing forms of porcelain jars in various sizes that can be labeled and re-labeled again and again in pencil. The flocked underside means that they will not slip out of place on a flock mat, though they can easily be removed and rearranged at any time. We call it the SieMatic Flock2Block system.


SieMatic Flock2Block-System

All objects porcelain elements with a flocked underside can sit completely non-slip on flocked inserts, and are easily removed and re-arranged. This internationally patented and unique "coupling effect" is an intelligent SieMatic innovation.

The kingsize compartment

Thanks to its great depth, it offers ideal storage space for tall objects in cabinet drawers starting at a width of 60 cm. The KingSize Compartment is a clever solution, a registered design available only from SieMatic.

The bi-level drawer

Below the upper level, which provides direct access to frequently used items such as cutlery, lies a second level that elegantly doubles storage space and provides a sort of "secret compartment" in the kitchen.

The gripdeck

Made with dark grey flock, smoked chestnut or light oak, it keeps heavy items from slipping in drawers and pull-outs.

The small item organizer

Small things you’d like to store individually are in good hands in the small item organizer by SieMatic. It is available in smoked chestnut and light oak.

The knife holder

It not only protects high-quality knives but also protects against injuries when removing them: available in smoked chestnut or light oak options. A fitting addition to SieMatic cutlery inserts and other functional elements.

The internal drawer

As a second level in a drawer, it offers even more variability and ensures a cleaner look to the front panel with fewer joints.

The wooden boxes

Available in various sizes, in smoked chestnut or light oak, they can be stacked as needed. The porcelain lids can be labeled - and can always be re-written - in pencil.

An abundance of choice

Let's talk about your personal interior accessory options. The SieMatic concierge will be happy to help you.

Sample arrangement


Discover more possibilities and inspiration in our interior accessories brochure "INSIDE." Choose from a variety of different functional elements and design the drawers and pull-outs of your SieMatic according to your individual needs.

Wooden interior accessories

The material combination of the SieMatic wood interior accessories for drawers and pull-outs, winner of design awards, looks like it was “cast from a single mold”: light oak, aluminum, and porcelain, elegantly connected by a light shade of grey. With its natural charm, it brings even more warmth and comfort to the kitchen. Those who appreciate this quality as much as the precise workmanship of the high-quality materials, the wide range of individual options and the ease of design will enjoy the sight that presents itself each day when opening drawers and pull-outs.

The versatile system

Numerous different cutlery and function inserts as well as supplementary elements, which can be combined perfectly, make it easy for you to plan a systematically and precisely according to your wishes and needs.


New ideas are stacking up

The SieMatic Wood Interior Accessories System also encompasses many accessories that are as practical as they are decorative – including stackable porcelain jars and wooden boxes in various heights that can be labeled individually and provide optimal use of storage space. The matching GripDeck keeps pots, pans, and heavy supplies from slipping and sliding.


The workmanship

First-class workmanship of high-quality materials such as light oak, characteristic of the SieMatic philosophy, is revealed in every detail – even where it may not be seen every day.

The inserts for spices

Spice mills and jars in porcelain with glass lids are among the many SieMatic interior accessories that are as practical as they are beautiful.

The internal drawer

It offers storage on two levels, connected by a “carry-out catch.” The touch of a single finger reveals the lower level, which can accommodate taller objects.

The porcelain jars

Many SieMatic functional elements are in fine form on the table – such as white porcelain jars in various shapes and sizes.

SieMatic consultation

Depending on the type, width, and depth of your SieMatic drawers and pull-outs, different combinations are available. Therefore, we recommend that you discuss your selections with your SieMatic Specialist in detail to find the perfect solution for your personal needs. Our consultants look forward to meeting with you.


Sample arrangement


Discover more possibilities and inspiration in our interior accessories brochure "INSIDE." Choose from a variety of different functional elements and design the drawers and pull-outs of your SieMatic according to your individual needs.

Laminate interior accessories

SieMatic cutlery inserts in high-quality, matte white, easy-to-clean laminate have a modern, graphical form. They are not only a lower-cost alternative to the SieMatic aluminum or wood interior accessories, but they can also be effortlessly combined with them.

Laminate SieMatic cutlery inserts

Particularly when it comes to storing cutlery and cooking utensils, low-maintenance, hygienic laminate remains a popular choice. That's why the SieMatic Laminate Interior Accessories System offers a series of inserts in the widest variety of forms and combinations. Thanks to the high-quality material, the sophisticated matt white shade, and its graphical form, this variation is also a SieMatic product of timelessly elegant design. 

The gripdeck

SieMatic GripDeck, whose rubber strips provide a secure hold for pots and pans, harmonizes with the color of cutlery inserts.


Good advice from the SieMatic Concierge

Depending on the type, width, depth and height of your SieMatic drawers and pull-outs, different systems and solutions available. Within the kitchen or in individual cabinets, combinations of aluminum, wood and laminate interior accessories are also possible. Therefore, we recommend that you discuss your options with your SieMatic Concierge in detail to find the perfect solution for your personal needs.