Classic in its
current form

Stark contrasts, door fronts with facetted frames and symmetrical furniture arrangements are classic interior design themes that SieMatic has given a completely new, modern spin, with the bold shapes of cabinets in a matt black tone from the SieMatic Individual ColorSystem as well as the stainless steel countertop and side panels in a 1 cm look elegantly enveloping the island.  

"Chinese wedding cabinet"

A signature piece in the SieMatic CLASSIC collection is the highly unique, modern interpretation of the classic “Chinese wedding cabinet.” With the exquisite “matte black oak” veneer are gleaming accents of handles, knobs and hardware in “polished nickel.” This expressive freestanding piece lends an air of elegance and ease to any kitchen. Its appeal is not only aesthetic, but functional because it offers an enormous amount of storage space and can be equipped as a cupboard, refrigerator or freezer, or even a combination.


More room for individuality

Designed as a cupboard, the "Chinese wedding cabinet" provides generous storage space. The noble "black matte" oak on the exterior and interior works perfectly with SieMatic Aluminum Interior Accessories in "smoked chestnut."

"Tradition is not the worship of ashes
but the passing of the flame.”

Gustav Mahler, Composer, 1860-1911

Perfectly hidden

Behind the smooth door fronts of this row of cabinets, many functions are hidden: a handy little tea and coffee station, to the left a spacious refrigerator, and on the right a freezer and pantry. The pocket doors which slide out of side to reveal the tea and coffee station are available in all SieMatic materials and colors. 

Small but powerful

Additional tea and coffee stations can be individually designed - this example shows cabinets with door fronts in "polished nickel," a granite countertop and SieMatic interior accessories in aluminum. Illuminated shelves sit on the niche backsplash in marble. A neat solution: When not in use, it is elegantly concealed behind the pocket doors.

Gain more space

Nowhere is space more valuable than in the kitchen. With the MultiMatic interior system for tall, wall and base cabinets, don't give an inch. Individually arrange the interiors of cabinets and meaningfully organize your things. And in doing so, gain valuable storage space - up to 30% more.

Interior design

Design the interiors of your kitchen according to your taste and needs. SieMatic interior accessories systems offer you beautiful options to compose drawer equipment and arrange elements individually.

Metallic hues as an accent

SieMatic offers a wide selection of elements whose attractive metallic hues lend a special luster to the design of a classic kitchen. Whether facetted drawer fronts, shelves, glass cabinet doors, countertops, side panels, exhaust hoods, StoneDesign countertop edges, handles, or recessed handle channels; whether glossy, silky matt or brushed; whether in stainless steel, “gold bronze,” “nickel,” or “black” – at SieMatic, you will find an enormous spectrum to make your ideas shine.

Countertops and backsplashes

They play an important role in the design of a kitchen. The range of high-quality materials and different designs is exceptionally broad at SieMatic - and every material has its own special qualities.

The best place
for your kitchen

Wherever you encounter the name SieMatic, you find a picture of internationally recognized timeless, elegant kitchen design. Your SieMatic consultant looks forward to your visit. 

Many beautiful
pages to browse

Find more information and inspiration for kitchen design and the room concepts of the SieMatic style collections in our comprehensive brochures, which you can download or order online here.