Our Mission Statement

This is us

With our heritage as a family run company with over 90 years of experience, it is our claim to be design and technology leader in the premium and luxury segment of the kitchen industry. All our development and manufacturing activities are based in Germany and we market with exclusive partners worldwide. We capture the interest of the end customer with each and every contact: personally, digitally and in collaboration with our sales partners. Experiencing SieMatic's kitchen and room concepts means turning everyday life into something extraordinary and enriching. We stand behind our brand with self-confidence. SieMatic – Timeless by Tradition.

Our values
– This is what we stand for

In everything we do, we keep our values in mind. They guide our daily work and our interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners.

We live our values, we act in accordance with the law and we are authentic.

We maintain an open dialogue with mutual respect and tolerance at all corporate levels. For us, an appreciative attitude is a key aspect in all of our interactions.

We break new ground and deal with mistakes in a positive way. We reduce the complexity of products and processes, we act in an entrepreneurial fashion and with a solution-oriented approach.

We take responsibility and we can rely on the commitment of our colleagues. We keep our promises to our end customers and partners.

We have a successful global team and we achieve our goals together. We look beyond departmental boundaries.

Our management principles
- This is how we lead

Our managers follow clear principles in order to create a culture and a healthy work environment in which all perspectives are heard, seen and valued and our employees can develop to their fullest potential.

We reflect the effect of our behaviour on the people around us. We move forward convincingly and with great passion, we set clear priorities and motivate the employees for our common challenges.

We are a performance-oriented company with a high focus on goals and results. We support our employees, we give them freedom and responsibility. We trust and foster courage and individual responsibility.

We take time for our employees, we listen and value regular communication. We give employees feedback, we welcome feedback, we are always open to conversation and act transparently.