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Löhne, July 14, 2020 | Since its market launch in 2019, the SieMatic SLX has been and remains an international success, impressing design juries, architects and end customers alike. One reason for this is undoubtedly the immense planning variability that forms the very core of its design philosophy. Whether Scandi style in minimalistic white shades or an expressive, contrasting interplay of warm wood tones and cool stainless steel, with its clear lines and expansive range of variants, materials and colors, it conquers every architectural challenge and embraces its role as the focal point of any living space.

The SieMatic SLX enriches unique architectural concepts. The handle-free kitchen concept has been honored with multiple awards.

A multitude of awards for a unique design concept. The SieMatic SLX has already bagged three prestigious design awards – the ICONIC AWARD 2020: Innovative Interior “Best of Best”, the iF Design Award 2020 and the Red Dot Design Award 2020. It has also just been nominated for the German Design Award 2021. With its clear lines and delicate proportions of just 6.5 millimeters, the new interpretation of the handle-free kitchen has proved to be particularly inspirational. Its crowning features are the new interpretation of its iconic recessed grip and the delicate structure of the handle channel, complete with discreetly integrated and individually controllable lighting strips. Bordering a kitchen island, they create a captivating interplay with light accents to enhance the floating impression of the countertop. Used in vertical and horizontal tall and base cabinets, they emphasize the elegant lines and kindle the perfect atmosphere for any time of the day or mood. The matching glass cabinets echo the delicate proportions of the SLX, continue the metallic surfaces, wood and lacquer and bring even more weightlessness – with transparent doors and side panels and pull-outs that appear to be floating in space.


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