Kitchens in black and anthracite are in fashion, and not without reason. In a hectic world full of noise and stress, black kitchens can project clarity and minimalism. Kitchens in black exude an elegant and high-quality atmosphere and provide space for peace, consistency and comfort. And because black is such a versatile color, those qualities can be molded to suit any style.

Matt Black Kitchens … or Glossy?

This decision depends primarily on personal preferences. While glossy black kitchens look as cool as they are classy thanks to their slick surfaces, matt kitchen fronts aren’t reflective and thus create a cosier atmosphere. Lifestyle is an important consideration when choosing between the two: glossy kitchens have the advantage that they are usually easier to clean; on the other hand, scratches are less likely to show up on matt surfaces. If small children play in the kitchen, matt kitchens might be the better choice, since it shows less wear. Nevertheless, when choosing between a black kitchen in matt or glossy, it mainly depends on your own preferences and requirements.

Modern Black Kitchen: What’s the Best Wall Color?

When choosing a wall color, as with the decision between matte or glossy surfaces, it depends on your own taste. The amazing thing about black kitchens is that they’re so versatile– after all, black goes with everything. What effect do you want to achieve with the wall color? Do you want to create a warm atmosphere, or play with dramatic contrasts? The following options are open to you when choosing the wall color:

Black Kitchen With Vibrant Colors

Black is pleasantly neutral, which is why they‘re ideal for those who like to play with other colors as well. You should keep in mind that the selected wall color next to black kitchen cabinets will look darker, but also warmer and cosier. Often, in addition to the basic colors of blue, red and yellow, which can also be combined, petrol tones are suitable, giving the room more depth and emphasizing the elegance of the black.

Natural Tones in a Black Kitchen

If you want a grounded style, it's best to go for natural tones, which will look even more sophisticated with the black kitchen. Light beige walls create interesting contrasts in the room. If you like it even cleaner, go for a shade of white. Here you can also play with different black and white combinations when choosing furniture. Depending on the choice of fronts and countertops, a wall design with glass, wood or tiles is an option.

What’s the ideal floor for a black kitchen?

  • Black kitchen & wooden floor: Often, a floor made of wood goes very well with black kitchens– especially if the countertops are also wood. This provides coherency, and different wood types can create different moods.
  • Black & marble kitchens: The same applies to a kitchen design where the countertops are made of marble. Here, a stone floor is a good choice to match the elements of the black kitchen.
  • Black kitchen & concrete floor: Cast floors made of exposed concrete are a particularly contemporary option; they are seamless, extremely durable and offer a good contrast to black kitchen fronts with their soft gray color.

Regardless of which floor appeals to you for your black kitchen, you should always factor maintenance into your choice. Do you always make sure that stains are removed quickly? If you can invest less time in maintenance, you should go for a flat, smooth floor. Wooden floors such as planks are more suitable if they can be maintained regularly.

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Black Kitchen: Which Countertop?

In addition to your personal preferences, the effect you want to achieve with the black kitchen should also play a role in this decision. After all, in addition to an initial appearance, the countertop also determines the overall style and atmosphere of the room. Do you want to implement an industrial look? Choose unusual extravagance for the black kitchen? Or do you want to create a cozy space? Here is a selection:

Black & Wood Kitchens

Wood countertops are a good idea, especially if your kitchen is open and connected to other rooms. The warm tones give the room a homely, cozy atmosphere– it’s a staple of the Scandinavian style. In many cases, it is a good idea to choose the same wood for the countertop as for the dining table. This creates a self-contained room concept. One incredibly important factor in choosing wood as a worktop and tabletop is that the material is well treated in advance. If a wood countertop has been sufficiently oiled, it can be cleaned almost as easily as ceramic. However, note that especially rustic wood should be re-oiled after a few years so that it does not lose quality. In addition, you should only use cleaning agents designed for wood.

Black Kitchens with Marble Countertops

Here you have two options: If you choose a light marble countertop, it will create a classic contrast. You can use the chosen color as a guide for the wall color and the choice of the floor. If you choose a black marble countertop, the result will be a particularly purist and expressive concept, which frees you up in terms of wall and floor design.

Black Kitchens with Stainless Steel Countertops

This is the bold industrial option: a stainless steel countertop creates a clean image. Those who are enthusiastic about this idea, but fear that the style might look too “cool,” can choose decorative elements, floor and wall color in warm or copper tones. This creates an interesting contrast and a timeless atmosphere.

Black Kitchens with Colored Countertops

A black kitchen offers endless design possibilities when it comes to experimenting with colors. The great advantage of black is that any color matches its neutrality. A colored ceramic countertop, for example, can be a deliberate accent. If you’re not sure what the perfect color for you is, get some expert advice.

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Advantages of a Black Kitchen

Since so much more work is now being done from home, people crave stylish, inspiring interior design. This also applies to the kitchen, which is increasingly becoming a social place and the focal point of the apartment or house. As a result, entire home concepts and interior lighting solutions have changed. A few years ago, many would have tended to opt against a black kitchen, as dark furniture often makes rooms look smaller. Today, countless lighting concepts are available to turn a dark space into a cozy, elegant room.

  • Black kitchens are simultaneously modern and timeless.
  • Black is neutral, so it can be combined with any color.
  • Kitchens in anthracite look elegant, unique and refined.
  • Messes are less visible on dark surfaces.
  • Open living concepts allow black kitchens to unfold into the living space.
  • Anthracite kitchens fit into any interior style

How Durable is a Black Kitchen?

Black kitchens used to have a reputation of showing every smudge and fingerprint. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore– innovative technologies such as AntiPrint from SieMatic ensure that even high-gloss kitchens in anthracite never lose their brilliance. Black kitchens are no more sensitive than other variants– and you don't have to pay attention to anything out of the ordinary when it comes to maintenance. Compared to white kitchens, black ones even perform better, because impurities are not immediately obvious.

What to Consider When Planning a Modern Black Kitchen

Once you’ve decided to plan a black kitchen, it’s time to look for inspiration. You can use the following questions as a guide:

  • Does your kitchen already have sufficient light sources for a black kitchen?
  • What’s your style? Elegant? Warm? Industrial? Rustic? Minimalistic?
  • How much space do you have available?
  • Is the kitchen connected to a living space?
  • Is a kitchen island a possibility?
  • What materials do you use in other rooms? Do you want to create a uniform image or draw a contrast?
  • Who will be using the kitchen? How often are you planning to clean it?
  • Is seating needed, or is there a separate dining area?

Need More Inspiration for Your Anthracite Kitchen?

Perhaps our SieMatic kitchen SLC already inspires you with its reduced look, trend-setting design and intelligent functions - the easy-to-clean surfaces and the modern ambience fit into a wide variety of living concepts at will. But don’t worry if the SLC is not your style. All SieMatic kitchen models can be made in black.
Do you already have a better idea of your future kitchen? Or do you need further assistance with planning? In both cases, please contact our dealers from the comfort of your own home. We will implement your ideas directly or discuss with you what your black kitchen might look like, which materials and colors and which lighting concept might come into question.

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