It’s the heart of every home and the place where laughter is heard and ideas are shared. Your kitchen will hold many beautiful moments, shouldn’t it look that way too? A timeless kitchen design should be functional, sophisticated and an enjoyable room for get-togethers, family time or a simple daily routine of pouring a warm cup of coffee in the morning – your ideal kitchen should be perfect in every way. A remodeled or upgraded space should withstand the test of time, and the everyday changes that life has to offer. Inspiration and durability are key factors when it comes to creating a designer kitchen. With high quality materials and extraordinary kitchen designs, a lackluster space could be turned into the kitchen dreams are made of.

If you are ready to plan a truly timeless kitchen with stylish elements and top-quality materials, then keep reading.

A kitchen that’s unique in every way – just like you!

SieMatic’s three style collections URBANPURE, and CLASSIC are in a league of their own. To keep our new kitchen designs on the cutting edge, we created modular systems so flexible that they can effortlessly reflect the personalities of their owners. The style collection that best explains this idea of timeless individuality is CLASSIC. SieMatic has always been proud of its ability to incorporate experience and tradition with innovation and ingenuity. Thanks to creative collaborations with renowned international designers, the CLASSIC style collection far surpasses traditional kitchen design. With just a few pieces, CLASSIC can turn a room into an impressive and distinct space. Featuring classic shapes and proportions, it harmoniously combines old with new, creating a sophistication unlike any other.

Expressing who you are through your kitchen design is also at the heart of the PURE and URBAN style collections. Whether it’s the inspirational effect of minimalism, the need for self-expressive kitchen design or the versatility of unconventional, yet intuitive comparisons inspired by urban life - a designer kitchen should be as equally unique as the person it’s for. With SieMatic, your kitchen design will be a reflection of you.

Choosing a style collection is only the beginning and is followed by the selection of high-quality materials and elegant colors. Whether it’s matt or glossy, titan or lotus white or nutmeg and graphite grey – our sophisticated color range is perfect for setting the color tone of your kitchen. Do you prefer natural wood that is smooth or would you like to add some character? Remarkable master craftsmanship will allow your modern kitchen design to take on a life of its own. Even incorporating a few family-friendly, easy-to-clean necessities into your kitchen design is also possible with one of our simulated wood countertops. You are the master of your kitchen’s fate! Would you like to accentuate your drawers with handles in “gold bronze” or “matt black” – or no handles at all –, give your countertops light metal edges, or add eye-catching brushed or glossy glass metal shelves? When it’s all said and done, your kitchen design will be exactly as you pictured and more.

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Prepare yourself for the limitless world of kitchen interior design – where stylishly concealed appliances and an efficient organizational system are hidden within silent sliding drawers and cabinets. Kitchen design ideas from SieMatic will prove that there is more to kitchen cabinet design than meets the eye. Our three interior accessory systems in laminate, wood, or aluminum are visually appealing and made to last. But the true beauty of SieMatic is in the essential innovative details. Small amenities like the patented SieMatic FLOCK2BLOCK System for drawers creates a unique “coupling effect” by fitting all porcelain elements with a flocked underside. Another feature is the MultiMatic Interior Accessories System, a system that allows up to 30% more storage space - this kitchen interior design must-have takes flexibility to another level.

German kitchen manufacturers are renowned for their “form follows function” kitchen design approach. This is also true at SieMatic, except we believe that aestheticism also has a real function and is a form of artistic expression. Limiting this expression with bulky cooling and baking appliances is not an option therefore SieMatic Frame Design integrates them into recessed cabinets. With an airy look, and a weightless feel, it will give you the modern kitchen design you’re looking for.

Is a designer kitchen affordable?

A new designer kitchen is a big investment, but with SieMatic you can find the right kitchen that speaks to you and to your budget. In today’s day and age, a beautiful and functional space is worth its weight in gold - you can’t put a price tag on top-quality, creative designs or functionality. Although SieMatic designer kitchens are high-end, in the long run they are the most cost-effective. Your dream kitchen should be completely optimized to your lifestyle – and with good planning and specifying your wants and needs, you will save time and money in the end. You deserve a timeless, trendsetting designer kitchen you won’t regret, priceless in every way shape and form.

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How to choose a designer kitchen

The first question you’ll need to ask yourself when choosing a designer kitchen is – what do I want? Remember, you are at the very core of this entire creative process. Who you are, what you need and your lifestyle will all have a significant impact in selecting the designer kitchen that works best for you and your family. Which appliances do you prefer, how often do you like to invite family and friends over for dinner, what is your budget? Don’t be afraid to ask yourself these questions and make a kitchen planning checklist – your kitchen will be your own personal Wonderland, so feel free to dive as deep into the planning rabbit hole as possible. You will also need to take into consideration the design layout for your space and where you would like your countertops and appliances to go - remember the sky is the limit, the more details you can come up with for your dream kitchen, the better.

A timeless designer kitchen created just for you

The kitchen is the place where we remember our past, celebrate our present and plan our future. That’s why your style and lifestyle play such an important role when selecting a designer kitchen. Are you a top chef at heart or do you simply enjoy reading the newspaper at the table? Your kitchen is an existential part of who you are, and every detail and element that comes with designing it should meet all of your expectations and more. 

From design to finish, every detail will be taken into consideration - from your kitchen’s current condition and layout, to the vision you want brought to life. SieMatic offers unique kitchen designs and perfect workmanship with a wide range of options that will pay homage to your style, décor type and functionality needs.

Your beautiful kitchen interior design is waiting!

A good kitchen design will combine trends and innovations that have gone above and beyond expectations.  With experience, expertise, quality and precision, a modern kitchen design can create a stunning and functional living space for years and years to come.

We want to make your dream kitchen a reality. Take the next step by visiting us in one of our many showrooms. We look forward to meeting you and creating a well-designed space that will make a lasting impression.

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