Dream Kitchens

Preparing great meals, enjoying dinners with your family and entertaining friends: that’s what kitchens are for. But they can be so much more– the best kitchens should be a unique and elegant space where you can celebrate life in style. We believe that a kitchen should merge beauty and functionality to perfectly suit your needs, your desires and your lifestyle. Only then does it become a dream kitchen– your dream kitchen.



How to design your dream kitchen

When you’re planning your ideal kitchen, there’s a lot to think about: layout, cabinets, counters, materials, and much more. And since you’re going to use this space every day, it’s important to get everything right. It can seem like a daunting task, especially because there are so many great options. Maybe your perfect space is a sleek, minimalist kitchen; maybe you’re more interested in a timeless, classic kitchen that combines Old World grandeur with a modern edge; or maybe a more relaxed, lively atmosphere is your style– in that case, go for an urban kitchen. Should it be white, black, or grey? No matter what, making such a big change to your home means research, attention to detail, and time. So grab a pen, take notes, and start jotting down dream kitchen ideas!

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The basics: dream kitchen ideas

Let’s talk about those ideas: where do we begin? Well, the first step is knowing your space. How much room do you have? Think about the layout of your dream kitchen: do you have room for an island, or is your counter space against the wall? Kitchens need to be designed to maximise efficiency and space– after all, you move around a lot in a kitchen. Dashing from cabinet, to cutting board, to frying pan, and back again? No problem– expert kitchen design makes transitioning from one cooking task to the other smooth and easy. And keeping your ingredients organised has never been easier!

That’s where kitchen cabinets come into the picture. They’re absolutely essential to your dream kitchen design: are they going to be glass-fronted, so you can see and reach your ingredients with barely a thought? Handleless, so you never bump your hip or head on a knob? Maybe a combination of the two suits you best.

Kitchen materials are also a key aspect of your dream kitchen: maybe stainless steel will give your kitchen the professional, sleek look you need. Maybe you would prefer the versatility offered by a laminate surface, or the warm, inviting tones of a high-quality wood. But ultimately, you want your kitchen materials to combine the aesthetic principles of design with practical knowledge about first-class, durable kitchen design.



Dream kitchen designs: from your imagination to reality

Your dream kitchen is as individual as you are that’s why each of our kitchens is made to order, designed by a kitchen expert to ensure that you get the most out of your space: a truly dreamy kitchen where you can live your best life. We even have a few resources to help you get started! Start going through our kitchen checklist for more ideas! They’ll be able to combine the raw ideas in your head with their design genius. After all, no one knows what you need better than you, so they’ll work closely with you to ensure that your dream kitchen design leaps straight from your brain into your home.

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Bringing your wildest dreams to life

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time for you to start thinking about making your decision. Do you want a kitchen that fulfils your wildest dreams? It’s an easy answer: yes! Hopefully, we’ve given you a lot to think about, and with so many factors, designing the perfect kitchen can seem a bit intimidating. Luckily, our kitchen designers combine their practical expertise with your ideas. You tell them what you need, and they’ll come up with a kitchen that perfectly suits your needs. We have an award-winning design team, filled with experts who strive to attain new heights of excellence with every kitchen they create; you have a dream. So, let’s bring it to life!

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