Kitchens from SieMatic are made to impress for decades to come– in the present as well as in the future. Our understanding of kitchen design combines modern forms, proportions and materials to create a timeless aesthetic experience. At the same time, it should meet your individual needs, both in terms of function and aesthetics. Modern kitchen design from SieMatic adapts to any type of architecture, and is customisable and planned just for you.

After all, your new kitchen should fit one thing above all: your life - and ideally for years, if not decades! Discover the possibilities of SieMatic kitchens and design your perfect kitchen to fulfil your wildest culinary dreams.


Exclusive kitchen design that combines individual planning with made-to-measure production

Many designer kitchens look stylish, but they often lack "closeness to life". We see design as a holistic process– the key to customised comfort. Our approach therefore goes beyond the mere appearance of a kitchen, but also takes into account its functionality and features. Whether you dream of a generously proportioned kitchen that includes luxurious appliances, or your heart’s desire is a timeless, compact kitchen with the greatest possible functionality, SieMatic’s unique kitchen design makes it possible to plan and implement your dream kitchen according to your ideas.

We design and manufacture our kitchens according to the wishes of our clients. This means that every kitchen is a tailor-made, individual space that is designed to fit your every need.

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Choose your style: Design your exclusive kitchen with one of our three style concepts

Our design principles are based on three different style worlds: PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC. This allows you to design individual kitchen concepts that are perfectly tailored to your sense of style and personality. No two SieMatic kitchens are alike, just like no two of our clients are alike. With the experienced professional support of your advisor at a selected SieMatic dealer, you can plan your dream kitchen exactly as you’ve always imagined it.

The concepts of our style worlds are based on current international living and furnishing styles, without following short-term trend currents. In this way, exclusive kitchens from SieMatic combine modern accents with timeless class. Our style worlds PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC give shape to your individual kitchen without sticking to rigid planning specifications. Maximum precision and flexibility combine with an unimagined wealth of detail to create an individual attitude to life. Discover your style and bring your personality to life with one of our exclusive styles!


Reduction to the essentials gives the PURE style world clarity and simplicity. In a PURE kitchen, the focus is on people, not on the furniture they surround themselves with. As the eye relaxes, the mind can unfold. Creativity and inspiration are at home here.


The interplay of intensity and serenity, the familiar and the surprising creates excitement and individuality. Our URBAN style world brings liveliness into your home and unites supposed opposites into a surprising and versatile whole.


Our CLASSIC style world reinterprets the old and combines the new and innovative with the tried and tested. This results in attractive combinations and contrasts. CLASSIC opens up completely new interpretation possibilities without losing sight of the traditional.

Our philosophy: Exclusive kitchen furniture that brings joy

The founding of our family business in 1929 marked the beginning of an exciting journey for us, and we have constantly evolved as we travelled our path through the years. We have remained true to our guiding principle over the many decades we’ve had to perfect our business. Today, as in the past, we want to develop exclusive kitchens for discerning customers who are looking for something special. A SieMatic kitchen is more than just the place where meals are prepared or consumed. It is the heart of your home.

As a kitchen manufacturer with tradition, we see ourselves as experts in proven craftsmanship as well as facilitators of individual furnishing possibilities. Our design has been setting standards since our inception and continues to develop with our customers. Because only you, the user of a SieMatic kitchen, gives it personality and fills it with life. We don't just want to develop kitchens that offer planning flexibility. We want to give you everything you need to create a unique living environment. This will provide you with exactly the comfort you want for years to come. An exclusive SieMatic kitchen should make your life easier, enrich it and give you what you particularly want: a space that brings joy to your life.


SieMatic means exclusive kitchens that are as visually authentic as they are functional

In addition to the appearance, functionality, and individuality of our kitchens, it is above all their "inner values" that are set them apart. An exclusive kitchen from SieMatic should not only look good, it should also make your life easier and enrich each day with functionality and comfort. For this reason, it is important to create more than an aesthetic exterior. The SieMatic kitchen design offers the most individual planning and equipment options, based exactly on your taste– so you can design your kitchen according to your ideas and enjoy it day after day.

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Individual planning combined with personal advice

When you make the decision to plan a new kitchen, many questions arise. The beginning of the planning phase is a new highlight for us every time. It marks the beginning of an exciting process, because now ideas become plans and plans become reality. In one of more than 500 exclusive SieMatic kitchen studios worldwide, you have the opportunity to get a first impression of the variety of design possibilities SieMatic offers you. Here, masterful craftsmanship is combined with state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic design.

It doesn't matter whether you already have a relatively clear idea or are still in the "discovery" phase and first want to gather inspiration as to what your new kitchen could look like: We would like to give you the best possible advice and accompany you on the journey to your dream kitchen. Visit us in one of our SieMatic studios, where our savvy SieMatic consultants will be happy to assist you with their expert knowledge and many years of experience.

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