Grey kitchens

A grey kitchen is timeless, can adapt to any furnishing style and still be designed in a variety of ways. Due to their neutrality, grey kitchens always look modern and can be combined with different wall colors, countertops and floors. This results in exclusive designs with a unique character thanks to color accents and materials.


Not all grey kitchens are the same

If you want to have a modern grey kitchen, the first important decision you will have to make is selecting the right shade of grey – because in the end, the color you choose will determine which impression the room makes and what other materials and colors should be added to the design.

  • Light grey kitchens are especially suitable if you also want to combine additional strong colors such as bright red or blue. These colors make the grey look more vivid and give the kitchen its character. Light grey tones such as pearl grey or pale grey also go very well with smaller kitchens, because they make the room look more spacious.
  • Dark grey kitchens are more suitable for larger rooms, since dark colors make a room look more compact. If you want to pick dark grey for a small kitchen, you should make sure that there is sufficient lighting through windows or light installations. Dark grey kitchens look calmer when combined with delicate, light tones such as beige or peach.
  • Kitchens in shades of grey with a warm undertone are independent of a specific design or other colors because they radiate harmony and warmth all on their own. In most cases, a red component is added for these grey tones, so that grey-brown, grey-beige or mouse-grey colors are created.
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Grey and white kitchens: two base colors to build on

When creating your ideal cooking space, you might also like to consider a modern grey and white kitchen look. The combination of these two neutrals provide a harmonious backdrop that’s not only pleasing to the eye, but also allows for an additional accent color.

Furthermore, grey and white work well with various materials – like wood, metal or stone – used for its various kitchen components, whether storage interiors, countertops and lighting. Various grey and white kitchen ideas and considerations will help you achieve your desired aesthetic:

How to make a grey and white kitchen feel warm?

To cheer up a space, you can choose kitchen materials and colors that have natural, warm hues. This includes woods with yellow or red undertones for your kitchen countertops or cabinets, such as cherry, mahogany or hickory. Certain stone types, like quartz or marble, also deliver the desired cheerful effect.

What shade of white goes well with grey?

A crisp white offers a clean contrast to both light and dark greys, which creates an elegant appearance and is well suited for a minimalist design. Alternatively, an off-white fits cool greys to provide a softer look, the combination of which meshes well with other warm colors.

What colors go with a grey and white kitchen?

The shade of grey will specify which color to choose. For example, light greys combine well with pastel shades such as pink and green. On the other hand, brighter colors, like gold, pink or dark blue, are a good accent for darker greys.


Choosing a design for grey kitchens

The grey tone usually determines which kitchen style you prefer. Because certain designs are common for different grey nuances.

  1. Grey country kitchen. If you want an inviting, warm kitchen, the first thing you should consider is a country kitchen. Matte kitchen fronts in darker shades of grey especially work well. Country kitchens in light grey such as the  SieMatic SC/SE are style-defining for the Scandinavian country house look.
  2. Grey retro kitchen. For authentic vintage kitchens, light grey tones or dove grey are particularly well suited. Usually at least one other color is combined for this style – whether it’s soft or loud.
  3. Grey industrial kitchen. To create a minimalist ambience, cool, dark shades of grey or concrete are often used. Rough surfaces are also typical when it comes to contemporary industrial designs. The SieMatic SLC model embodies everything an industrial kitchen needs.
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Grey kitchen cabinets: Which countertop fits?

Once the decision for a particular grey tone has been made, the next is: What is the right countertop for the kitchen. In addition to your personal preferences, style questions also play a role. For example, how do you set warm accents in an elegant country kitchen or achieve a standardized industrial or reduced look?


Grey kitchen cabinets & wooden countertop

If you want to design your kitchen with warm materials, a wooden countertop is a good way to go. For example, choose a light tone of oak, pine, or maple to contrast with dark grey tones – or opt for walnut or cherry wood to add even more depth to the kitchen. Based on the chosen countertop, the dining table or with a combined kitchen/living room, the living room table can be adapted. This creates a unified room concept. It is important for modern grey kitchens with wooden countertops that the material has been properly treated beforehand. That way it can easily be cleaned with special wood cleaners just like ceramic surfaces.


Grey kitchen with a marble countertop

If you select a marble countertop for your kitchen, you can either choose a stone that homogenously adapts to grey or go with a contrast. A white or black marble countertop is particularly suitable if you want to create a clear and expressive image.


Stainless steel countertop for a modern grey kitchen

A stainless steel countertop not only fits perfectly with a modern grey kitchen, but it also creates a unique atmosphere. If you go for this look, you can choose decorative elements, flooring and wall color in warm or copper tones.


Grey kitchen with a colorful countertop

The big advantage of grey is that it goes with any color. If you choose a colorful ceramic countertop, you can easily create a retro design and if necessary, match the floor and wall color to it. 

Grey kitchen ideas: Which wall color is suitable?

Whether tone-on-tone, with wood for a cozy atmosphere or with colors that each have their own character – grey kitchens are versatile. You also have countless options when it comes to selecting the wall color.

  • Dark grey kitchens harmonize well with delicate, light tones such as may green, rosé or sky blue. Hence, the grey kitchen looks friendlier and less gloomy.
  • Light grey kitchens are perfectly complemented by bold, rich colors. Cherry red, petrol or walls made of dark wood create a harmonious concept. If you want to keep it rather cool, light grey kitchens are ideally suited for combinations with concrete or stone paneling.

Which flooring works best in a grey kitchen?

The flooring you choose mainly depends on your own taste, but also on the shade of grey you have chosen, the countertop and wall color. Often a wooden floor offers more warmth to a grey kitchen. In addition, a wooden floor can connect the kitchen with another room –  e.g. if it is an open kitchen.  If you pick a wooden floor, you should be well aware in advance that it must be maintained on a regular basis. Smooth, flat floorings such as natural stone or tiles are easier to maintain and go just as well with a grey design.


Which tiles compliment a modern grey kitchen?

If you choose a flooring made of stone or tiles, make sure that the floor matches the other elements in the kitchen. If you have decided to go with a grey retro kitchen, colorful tiles matched with the wall color or countertop, could be interesting. If you pick a marble countertop, a floor made of natural stone is also an option. Cast concrete floors are also a timeless choice. They are seamless, extremely durable and with their light grey color, go well with a kitchen where other color accents have been set.


Wood as a warm element in a grey kitchen

No matter how it is used, natural material creates a warm contrast to a neutral kitchen. Whether it’s the flooring, shelves, or the kitchen countertop – wooden elements give your kitchen a cozy, homely ambience. There are no limits in terms of versatility because the color palette of grey tones and wood decors is extensive.


What you should keep in mind when planning a grey kitchen?

If you opt for a grey kitchen and want to begin with actual planning, start with these questions:

  • Do you have a good lighting concept for your grey kitchen? Especially with dark tones and small kitchens, a lot of light is needed.
  • What colors and materials do you like? To positively charge the room, it’s best to set contrasting accents.
  • How is the kitchen connected to other rooms? Do you want to maintain the same style, or do you want your kitchen to stand out?
  • Is a cooking island a good idea? Especially with larger or open kitchens, a cooking island is both practical and stylish.
  • Who will be in the kitchen and how can it be kept clean easily? When choosing between wood, stone and stainless steel, this question becomes particularly relevant.

Need more inspiration?

Get ideas and suggestions in our home stories or take a look at our grey-marble kitchen SieMatic SLX. It has won prizes like the German Design Award and Reddot Design Award and impresses with its sleek, timeless design and backlit recessed grips.

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