Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are the kinds you see in magazines, maybe they seem unattainably futuristic, with its glossy surfaces and smooth, handleless kitchen cabinets. You may be apprehensive that it’s not for you. It certainly looks sleek and elegant, as in our minimalist kitchen collection SieMatic PURE, but you’re concerned about the practicality: is it actually that good? Will you miss having something to grab on to when you’re whirling around the kitchen to prepare something in a hurry? A kitchen’s look should never come at the cost of practicality. As the inventors of the handleless kitchen, we here at SieMatic obviously love them, but it’s much more important to us that you make the right decision for your home; the truth is, handleless kitchens ARE practical: they reduce clutter, time, and energy.

But let us ease your concerns by answering all your questions, from the mysteriously absent handles to the cabinets and doors.


How do handleless kitchen cabinets work?

Handleless kitchens might look intimidatingly sophisticated, but we assure you, they’re not that hard to understand! Understanding how they work takes away some of the mystery, and it will help you make the most informed choice when deciding whether a kitchen without handles is right for you.

There are several ways to get rid of handles in a kitchen. On overhead handleless kitchen cabinets, for instance, the doors can simply hang down a little further than the frames, giving your fingers a lip to hook under and pull. Of course, this only works for wall mounted cabinets.
With tall or base cabinets, things get a little trickier. One unobtrusive technique is a moulded finger pull consisting of a channel routed into the top edge of drawer fronts or cabinet doors.

Another option is touch opened kitchen cabinets. A push latch relies on a magnet or mechanical device that allows you to pop open the doors. This is a huge advantage when you have your hands full, as we often do when we’re busy in the kitchen. And the new AntiPrint finish reduces fingerprints and smears from opening the handleless kitchen cabinets and doors, even on black matt surfaces.

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What is a True Handleless Kitchen?

Then there’s what we call the true handleless kitchen: first designed by yours truly in 1960, these kitchens are fitted with continuously integrated, recessed handle channels. They are masterpieces of craftsmanship and precision, since the channel is only integrated after the kitchen is fitted, ensuring a seamless continuation between individual cabinets and drawers. Many handleless kitchen doors feature what’s known as a “J pull” handle. This refers to the J-shaped groove at the top or bottom of the door that allows you to open it. This type of kitchen is also known as a German handleless kitchen, because German companies like us have been at the forefront of stylish, sleek kitchen design for a century.

Are Handleless Kitchens Good?

Though handleless kitchen cabinets might take some getting used to at first, they have a lot of advantages: they’re easy to clean, easy to navigate, and seamlessly integrated.

Part of that glossy magazine look that no handle kitchens have is a matter of pure practicality – it’s easier to keep them that way! All it takes is a simple, uninterrupted swipe of a cleaning cloth. A continuous channel is also easier to wipe and keep hygienic: without handles, there’s no chance of dirt gathering around spots that are hard to reach with a sponge.

Another great feature of handleless kitchens is that they’re so easy to move around in. It’s especially noticeable in small spaces– having no handles to stub your hip or catch your clothes on is a real relief and a safety benefit, especially if children are around. And the smooth appearance promotes visual flow as well. An open plan, contemporary handleless kitchen is more organically integrated into adjoining living spaces, as in our urban style kitchen collection,  because the smooth, clean look blends in more harmoniously.

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Handleless kitchens: Your Home, Your Choice

Choosing a kitchen style that is right for you is a very individual matter. So consider your personal lifestyle and cooking habits. Try and get a feel for where handleless kitchen cabinets might fit into your lifestyle. You don’t have to go handleless all the way– maybe a combination of handleless kitchen doors and a few gorgeous accent handles on drawers is what works for you! And if it all gets too overwhelming, you can use our kitchen planning checklist!

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