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Making the decision to upgrade to a high-end kitchen can be daunting: since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s essential to get every detail just right. When you’re investing in a space that’s both functional and communal, every cabinet and appliance must serve both those functions. And since every family is different, the perfect kitchen will differ from home to home.

When it comes to high-end kitchen design, every home has different needs. Maybe one home would be best served by a high-end modern kitchen with invisible handles and buttons, like those offered in our minimalist kitchens. Maybe another family prefers a more relaxed atmosphere, with open shelving and unconventional shapes, like the ones from our collection of urban kitchens. Whatever your home needs, it’s important to research where to find the highest quality materials at the best prices. Why compromise on either when you can have both? At SieMatic, we design our high-end kitchens with that in mind. Form and function are fused perfectly with your needs.


What are high-end kitchen cabinets made of?

Kitchen cabinets see use every day and they’re exposed to more moisture, temperature changes, and weight than any other storage space in your home. When you plan a high-end kitchen remodel, you choose materials you know will last and save you trouble and expense down the road. Even more important, you choose a high-end kitchen company which offers customisation, backs their products with lifetime warranties, and has a long history of creating stylish, luxurious kitchen spaces.

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What makes high-end kitchen cabinetry?

In a high-end kitchen cabinet, every element is designed with your comfort and ease of use in mind, from the hinges to the dividers. That means that there can be a lot to consider! Here are some tips and tricks for navigating the options:

  • Hinge and drawer quality. Smooth action of hinges and drawer runners is absolutely essential. After all, you use your kitchen cabinets every day! Runners need to be heavy-duty to support large amounts of weight: pots, pans, and many other kitchen materials aren’t light.
  • You want your kitchen drawers and cabinets to be the right sizes, and there are a lot of options. On a basic level, deep king-size drawers are best for larger appliances like whisks, and grips are essential to keep heavy items from sliding around. Innovative solutions like integrating USB connections, the ability to re-arrange drawer dividers, and internal drawers make all the difference between a basic space and a seamless high-end kitchen experience.
  • Optimising storage space. Do you want your kitchen storage spaces to be open or closed? Maybe you take a lot of pride in your spice collection– why not display it? A system based around trays and frames shows off your kitchen accessories and allows you to grab what you need quickly– an absolutely essential quality for any serious cook.
  • Many of the things we keep in our cabinets have very different heights: not every bottle of olive oil is made the same. Versatility is a valuable quality in kitchen cabinets.
  • Warranties tell you how much a high-end kitchen company is willing to stand by their product. A lifetime warranty means the manufacturer has faith in their high-end kitchen cabinetry and appliances, and you should, too.

Less is more: simplicity and craftsmanship in high-end kitchens

Once you’ve mastered the basics of your space, you need to start filling it with appliances, and those tools need a home. Many kitchen appliances– like toasters, mixers, kettles, or blenders– are used so frequently that they’re on display on your kitchen countertops. Countertops are a huge component of any kitchen’s style: maybe stainless steel will give your kitchen the professional, sleek look you need. Maybe you would prefer the versatility offered by a laminate surface, or the warm, inviting tones of a high-quality wood.

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How to choose the perfect high-end kitchen countertop:

Material - stainless steel, wood, ceramic, stone, and laminate are all fantastic options. Of course, not every kitchen material is made the same, and what you choose will differ based on your needs. Woods like oak, walnut, maple, or bamboo are all hard woods that, when polished and refined, provide a beautiful working surface. Ceramic, on the other hand, is impervious to water and recyclable. Discover the high-quality materials of our kitchen countertops.
Thickness - the thickness of your countertop matters. Visually, a thin countertop is delicate and light; a thicker one, perhaps with a metal edge, gives a very different look, while an embossed edge displays natural contours of a stone countertop for a rustic, natural feel.


How much are high-end kitchen cabinets?

Prices of high-end kitchen cabinets can seem daunting at times, but you’re saving yourself a lot of hassle and headaches later. The mark of a great kitchen cabinet is that you never actually have to think about how it works. The storage is arranged so that you can fit all of your materials easily. Personalised design and excellence in kitchen remodeling allows you to meet every single one of your specific needs, and streamlines your home experience for a truly seamless lifestyle. Our wide range of high-end kitchen cabinets and designs allow for versatility and individuality, while never compromising on quality or style. So grab a notebook, start jotting down your ideas and preferences, and get in touch with one of our kitchen experts today to get the ball rolling!

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