Luxury kitchens

What does luxury truly mean to you? Perhaps you are very busy in your day to day life, sometimes barely finding the time to slow down. Luxury to you might be having an oasis at home, a place to decelerate and relax or having a comfortable environment in which to enjoy a home-cooked meal if your job requires you to eat out a lot. Maybe you are an inner-city dweller to whom each inch of space is something to be savoured or you love entertaining, socialising with friends and family, and making them feel welcome and relaxed in a sumptuous space.

Luxury, by definition, is a state of great comfort and what makes one feel comfortable is as individual and diverse as people themselves. Be it time, tranquillity, space, self-expression, a sense of home and love, all of the above or something completely different – true luxury kitchen design is about whatever makes you and your interaction with it feel luxurious.

How much does a luxury kitchen cost?

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the advantages of a luxury kitchen design. Not only are luxury kitchens unique, exceptional in quality and built with outstanding craftmanship, they are also designed with features that are user-friendly and durable. Luxury kitchen designs can incorporate many different styles and their elegant and stylish features easily combine design and function with useability and everyday life.  Fitted luxury kitchens are an ideal investment because they create the illusion of space and turn a room that is used for preparing food into a space that can also be used for entertainment. Luxury modern kitchens have innovative storage functions that minimize the amount of surface space and create a long-lasting sense of luxury with an impeccable look.
Whether as the heart of every home or the centerpiece, a luxury kitchen can add incredible value to a home. Luxury kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops and backsplash are all added value that help bring the entire kitchen together along with many shapes, kitchen materials and colors and finishes. Should you ever consider putting your home on the market, the investment of a luxury kitchen will considerably help boost the resale value of your home.

What makes a luxury kitchen?

In the past, the living room was originally designed as the place where social gatherings were held and the kitchen was just the room where you cooked. But now all that has changed and the kitchen has usurped the living room as the heart of the home. When you are thinking about what you want and need from a luxury kitchen, take into consideration if it will be more than just a place where friends and family gather to eat, but also to socialize and relax. It’s important to factor in the need for more space and improving the flow of traffic as well as how it should look. Search for kitchen ideas from a variety of sources and from several different perspectives. Once you have done that, incorporate all of these design ideas with your initial luxury kitchen idea and voilà, the luxury kitchen of your dreams will be well on its way to becoming a reality.

A luxury kitchen is more than just a room, it can be a place of inspiration, but also functional at the same time. The challenge in designing a luxury modern kitchen is to create an open and welcoming space, that integrates well with the rest of the home. Therefore, knowing what kind of cabinetry, finishes, appliances and storage options you want can be very helpful. Luxury kitchens are not specifically defined by one style or another and there are always new and popular trends – so it is perfectly alright to combine your personality with your kitchen. Whether you are interested in a kitchen that is spacious or compact, or prefer a central island with additional space and extra storage, the possibilities are endless. It’s important to select individual elements and functions that perfectly match the rest of your home, cooking habits and design preferences because you want a kitchen that looks beautiful, but is practical above all else.

Luxury modern kitchens are made to last and simple to maintain

Since your kitchen takes good care of you, isn’t it only fair that you return the favor? Day in and day out, luxury modern kitchens make everyday tasks easier, but over time this is bound to take its toll. It’s important to regularly take care of the centerpiece of your home in order to maintain its timeless look and appeal. Keeping your luxury kitchen in tip top shape is easier than you think. Wiping down your luxury kitchen cabinets, surfaces and countertops with a clean dry cloth will help stop greasy build up and stains from occurring.

Cooking amazing meals for family and friends should be more fun than work. By keeping your cabinets and drawers closed while you cook, this will keep the interior from getting dirty and sticky. It will also reduce the amount of cleaning you will have to do later, so you can enjoy spending more time with those around you. With minimal effort, giving your luxury kitchen a little extra love and care will help it last longer and maintain its impeccable stylish look. Your luxury kitchen will always be good to you - make sure you are good to it.

The way to your luxury kitchen begins with you!

Since our first kitchen buffets hit the drawing board in 1929, SieMatic has been driven by one goal: to develop kitchens that exceed industry standards and raise the bar when it comes to diversifying individual design options. Having the creative freedom to make a space truly your own is what a luxury kitchen design is all about. A luxury kitchen is designed to encompass all of your wants and needs into one beautiful and purposeful space. Its functionality, durability and style only add to its ever-growing popularity. 

To get your creative luxury kitchen ideas flowing, we developed modular systems that enable you to co-design a timelessly sophisticated fitted luxury kitchen that reflects your personality. The design principles from SieMatic’s three style collections PURE for minimalist kitchens, URBAN for urban style kitchens, and CLASSIC are a far cry from the restrictions that are common with other product range structures. Your individual lifestyle needs are taken into consideration in full detail, from the beginning of the planning stages, throughout the fitting process, until the finishing touches are in place – the purpose of a luxury kitchen is to make your everyday life easier.