In the past, kitchens were treated like an independent living space that was separate from the rest of the home. Over the years, open concept kitchens have become more and more popular, opening up the kitchen to the dining room and creating a space that has become just as much about entertaining as it is about cooking. This big trend in design thinking offers functionality and hospitality without having to give up one or the other. However, contemporary kitchens take this idea one step further by completely tearing down the wall between living and cooking spaces and merging them together.



What is a modern kitchen?

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the focal point of the home, but the versatility of a modern kitchen is endless. In a time when being overwhelmed on a daily basis has reached a level of normalcy, the minimalist kitchen offers a sweet escape from it all. Contemporary kitchen designs do more than just create clean, open, functional and calming spaces, they bring them to life. So, what exactly is a modern kitchen? Modern kitchens have frameless modern kitchen cabinets that contribute to the sleek, clean horizontal lines that are associated with this type of kitchen. They also have a flat-panel door style, simple or no hardware, a distinct lack of adornments, natural wood and industrial details like concrete that bring simplistic innovation to the space. To sum it all up, a modern, contemporary kitchen is a dynamic centerpiece with clear sharp lines and clever ideas for blending storage and beauty together.



What are modern kitchen colors?

The kitchen is where you invite family and friends over for dinner, occasionally work and enjoy a good read to relax. Modern kitchen designs are clean, simple and smooth, so adding color can change things up a bit sometimes. Contrast and finding the right balance are two key factors when deciding on the right colors for your contemporary kitchen. When you are deciding which colors to use, your personality and lifestyle also play a major role. Do you feel upbeat and inspired when you are in the kitchen? Is it a place where you like to work? Or do you use cooking as a means to relax and unwind? Remember, the colors you choose for your kitchen can have an effect on more than just the way it looks.

Kitchens continue to be more than just a room used for cooking. How you want the space to work for you can help determine the kitchen materials and colors you choose in the end. Modern kitchen color schemes can go from one end of the spectrum to the next. For example, having an all-white palette can make a kitchen feel elegant and timeless however warm colors like orange, red and yellow invigorate and liven up the space. But it doesn’t stop there! Selecting a cool blue and green color scheme can add tranquility and balance to the kitchen while lighter shades tend to be more uplifting. Picking colors for your kitchen can at first seem overwhelming, but the good news is that with a modern kitchen any color is fair game.

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What does a modern kitchen look like?

Flat surfaces, geometric forms, simple and sleek - modern kitchen designs are all about creating clean, open, functional, and calming spaces, with plenty of room for you to showcase your own personal style. Contemporary kitchens aren’t just about pushing cultural and creative standards to the limit, but also making them highly adaptable in a trend setting world. Engineering and technology lend weight to stunning surfaces like engineered stone which has become a highly sought-after material along with concrete and steel. An open concept floor plan illuminates the space adding to the overall appeal and the frameless design of modern kitchen cabinets offers a smooth finish to the kitchen. All in all, modern kitchen designs are stylish and the crowning achievement of material engineering and imagination – sleek, clean and simple – flawless in every way.



Contemporary kitchens that blend into the living room

Recessed kitchen furniture follows this same philosophy of fluid transitions and a more natural integration into the overall architecture of a place. Hiding part of the bulk of cabinets and appliances halfway in the wall creates an impression of transparent weightlessness which allows the kitchen to blend harmoniously into the living area. With this, contemporary kitchens have the use of space down to a tee!



Modern kitchens that use space to your advantage

Talking about space, another truth that contemporary kitchen design has embraced is that it is the idea that matters – not the size! Especially for urbanites, each inch is a beloved resource there to be treasured. Hence, designing for small spaces has become a modern rite of passage for every proud kitchen manufacturer.

One of the many smart solutions for small spaces is going handleless. Admittedly, this is not a new trend – we should know – as it is, in fact, over half a decade old! Since the SieMatic 60, the very first handleless kitchen in the world, left August Siekmann Möbelwerke in 1960 the handleless kitchen has become a classic. Today the integrated, recessed handle of a true handleless kitchen is one of the most popular elements of contemporary kitchen design – because sometimes, less is more.

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Modern minimalist kitchens – less is more

Yes, less is more. In times when the outside world and media consumption confront us with a myriad of stimuli every day the minimalist look is exactly what we need. It is a very healthy contemporary kitchen trend that guided many of the aesthetic decisions behind the SieMatic style collection PURE. Have a look and experience relaxation with an inspirational effect.



How to combine materials in a contemporary kitchen

Talking about glass metal shelves, when you start dreaming up your new kitchen, don’t forget to mix and match. Be it "smokey chestnut" drawers with aluminum interiors or a beautiful stone countertop supported on stainless steel fronted doors – knowing your mixology definitely adds personality to your kitchen.


Modern granite kitchens

Opt for stone! How about a herb garden in granite, for instance, to not only add some spice to your kitchen, but to your daily cooking too?



Flexible kitchens that stand the test of time

No need to remodel your kitchen every time you buy a new set of pots or try out that new baking trend with the unwieldy equipment everybody is raving about. With smart organisational systems like the MultiMatic multi-function rack which you can assemble, expand, arrange and re-arrange by yourself, you don’t have to hesitate about trying something new.


Multi-function kitchen elements

Whether the worktop elegantly doubles as a laid-back bar or a clever room divide with extra storage – a contemporary kitchen island knows how to multitask.


Classic elements in your modern kitchen

Including some classics is a wonderful way to give your contemporary kitchen more soul. To keep it stylish, however, SieMatic gave them a current form, like with this modern interpretation of the classic "Chinese wedding cabinet" or the award winning SieMatic 29, a modern take on the traditional kitchen buffet.


Tone it up with modern wooden kitchens

Wood is another classic that never goes out of style. Especially with all the sleekness, glossy whiteness, and matt blackness going on in contemporary kitchens, adding some warm wood tones is exactly what we need.


Give your kitchen a makeover with metallic hues

Whether it’s "gold bronze", "brushed nickel", or "stainless steel", the contemporary kitchen loves to softly shimmer in irresistible metallic hues – perfect to set some accents!


The right lighting for a modern kitchen

Now that it has some shimmer going on, your contemporary kitchen needs to be put in just the right light – the perfect job for SieMatic light shelf elements! Whereas shelf lights are a very functional trend, when it comes to ceiling lights it’s all about style and statement pieces. So go and add some asymmetry for just the right artistic touch.



The kitchen revolves around you

This brings us to our final destination on our trendy tour around the world of contemporary kitchen design, to the one thing that truly pulls it all together and guarantees that these kitchen trends will pass the test of time: you! Staying clear of rigid product range structures and making sure that your kitchen reflects your needs, desires, and above all your personality is the pivotal design element to contemporary kitchens that stay current. That’s why you won’t buy a SieMatic off the shelf!

We hope to have inspired you to let your creativity soar and your personality shine and would love to welcome you in one of our many show rooms to discuss what great contemporary kitchen design can do for you!

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