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What would a day at the office be without refreshing beverages or a sophisticated lunch? And where would all the interesting conversations arise if not over a cup of coffee or tea? These little culinary delights make everyday life at work a pleasure; they create a sense of community and a good atmosphere. This makes it all the more important for companies to provide a tea or office kitchen that is as functional as it is appealing - for the daily breakfast break, but also for birthdays, anniversaries or larger team or customer events.


What is an office kitchen?

Also known as a tea or coffee kitchen, the office kitchen is the place in the workplace where colleagues prepare hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Usually, tea kitchens also include at least one stove or microwave, so you can heat up a meal you brought with you. A dishwasher is also part of the basic equipment. The small tea kitchen is usually just a purely functional room without a place to sit. While the classic tea kitchen has been a standard feature in office buildings for many decades, in the 2000s a larger version of the tea kitchen has established itself: the office kitchen.

What belongs in an office kitchen?

The modern office kitchen is much more spacious than the tea kitchen: since it is used as a real kitchen where people cook and eat together, it is usually fully equipped with built-in and freestanding kitchen appliances, dishes and other utensils. Seating such as a dining table with chairs, a seating counter or high tables are also part of modern office kitchens. These are not only popular for team events or shared lunches: Some companies also receive customers and guests in their office kitchen and hold meetings, receptions or evening events there. Depending on the industry and the level of sophistication, the office kitchen is a prestige object whose furnishings can reveal a lot about a company.

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What to consider when buying an office kitchen

An office kitchen, or a tea kitchen, must meet completely different requirements than the private kitchen at home. The following aspects should be considered during the planning, always based on the total number of people who use the kitchen on a daily basis.

1. Powerful appliances

Whether it's a coffee maker or an electric kettle, a dishwasher or a microwave, electrical appliances like these are in constant use in the office and should be able handle frequent usage. Depending on the size of your workforce, it may pay to invest in appliances from the catering supplies section. A quiet, powerful range hood is also worthwhile in office kitchens.

2. Easy-care surfaces

If a kitchen is used as much as an office, dirt will inevitably accumulate. To ensure that this can be removed in no time at all and that daily cleaning does not put too much strain on the material, easy-care stainless steel surfaces with "AntiPrint" function or glossy lacquered fronts are recommended. Avoid recessed handles on cabinet and drawer doors as well as open storage space - this attracts dust and makes the kitchen look untidier overall.

3. Sufficient tableware & utensils

Outfit your office or coffee kitchen so that each person in the team would be equipped for a three-course meal. That might sound like a lot, but it will pay off at the next birthday or anniversary party, when coffee and cake is served first, and then later champagne and soup for everyone. When buying pots and pans, look for a wide range of sizes. For hygienic reasons, you should avoid wooden utensils such as boards and use plastic instead.

4. Storage space

In addition to having enough space for dishes and cooking equipment, you should provide enough storage space in your office kitchen for supplies such as coffee powder or beans, tea, milk, as well as paper towels, dryer sheets, and so on. Ask yourself where you store beverage supplies: A place next to the refrigerator makes sense practically, but is less convincing visually. A cabinet or curtain can remedy this. Your refrigerator should offer the team enough space to store food that they bring in easily and hygienically. A freezer compartment can be especially enjoyable on hot summer days, if ice cream or ice cubes are stored there.

5. Do you entertain guests?

If your office kitchen is also a place to greet customers and guests, you should pay special attention to appearance and practicality. Provide for a selection of small beverage bottles, or keep pastries and fresh fruit. A warming drawer for coffee and espresso cups looks good, as does an elegant fully automatic coffee maker. Also make sure that the seating is comfortable but not too homely, and install easily accessible power outlets. Guarantee internet connection and mobile reception.

6. Volume

The office kitchen or kitchenette is a place of communication. Accordingly, it can get noisy there, for example during a convivial lunch or when many people are preparing food or hot drinks at the same time. So if you're planning an open kitchen - or a kitchen that's also meant for meetings - keep in mind that nearby workstations could be affected. Also, an office kitchen that doesn't allow for cheerful exchanges is not much fun.

7. Efficient design

In an office kitchen, many people with the same routes through the office congregate at peak times. Keep this in mind when planning and place cups right by the coffee maker, plates and bowls near the refrigerator.

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Buying an office kitchen: models and designs at a glance

Generally speaking, whatever you like is allowed in an office or tea kitchen: in terms of design, there are no limits.


One Size Fits All: The small kitchenette

You don't have a whole room at your disposal and still want to put an attractive, small kitchen unit? Go for the cabinet-like SieMatic 29 tea kitchen, whose basic shape is reminiscent of the classic kitchen buffet. It is available in all sizes and materials, stands solidly on metal legs and has clever features such as USB sockets or a storage railing.


Modern and modular: The flexible kitchenette

Large office kitchens are especially effective when they contain many stations where people can cook and chat. The URBAN kitchen offers a versatile collection of puristic kitchen cabinets and display cases with the characteristic metal feet, which provide ample space for appliances and dishes. Furthermore, this series harmonises perfectly with the SieMatic 29 solitary furniture.


Straightforward and puristic: The minimalist office kitchen

Maybe your office is located in a new building, or maybe you’re simply a fan of the Scandinavian minimalist style: SieMatic kitchens from the PURE Collection impress with their clean lines and cubic shapes. They are ideal for office kitchens that are also used as meeting rooms - nothing stands in the way of full concentration.


Wood creates atmosphere: The elegant office kitchen.

A vibrant material like fine oak inevitably creates a welcoming, warm atmosphere - perfect for office kitchens that are meant to be used for sharing. With its smoked oak finish, the PURE Collection offers a timelessly elegant front variant that makes you want to linger.


Optimal for large teams: The tidy kitchenette

Small kitchen, lots of space: SieMatic's office kitchens impress with the connection of upper and lower storage spaces by tall cabinets, all of which offer plenty of space. So if you need a particularly large amount of storage space in a small area and prefer a restrained, simple design, this SC/SE version is a good choice.


The office kitchen– Community brings offices to life

Whether it's a small tea kitchen or a large office kitchen, investing in high-quality appliances and attractive kitchen furniture pays off on many levels. During breaks, over a cup of coffee or tea, the team gets together and exchanges ideas, whether about private or professional topics, and it’s not uncommon for new ideas or surprising constellations of thought to arise here. These small moments of innovation can be significant to the success of a company. Cooking together or small festivities also bring the team together and are remembered for a long time. An appealing kitchen is therefore also an expression of appreciation and in any case and ensures good team spirit.

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