Opulence, newly interpreted

True personality does not submit to any norm. The expressive design of SieMatic MONDIAL speaks a minimalist, modern and geometric language of form without traditional ornamentation and stylistics. With bold colours and shapes, paired with expressive materials and material thicknesses, it transcends the boundaries of kitchen design. Open up to an emotional world of opulence, simplicity and sensuality.

With its visionary design language, the new SieMatic MONDIAL combines the simplicity of geometric shapes with the opulence of expressive materials to create a deeply emotional experience.

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The fascinating interplay of material, form and colour gives the kitchen an extraordinary presence while also allowing a synergy with the surrounding architecture. Form, perfected.

Exquisite materials and the consummate art of their finishing make every detail of the SieMatic MONDIAL sensually tangible, while the refined formal reduction of its design demonstrates sublimity and relevance. In this expressive aesthetic, far removed from ornamentation, a unique place is created, completely in harmony with its surroundings. And your personality.

The perfect symbiosis of
space and kitchen.

Organically integrated into the architectural context, the Mondial's visionary design language opens up into the room, expands the design horizon and thus points far beyond the boundaries of conventional kitchen design concepts. This visually extraordinary synthesis of the arts reflects a self-confident generosity in which nothing seems superfluous. Aesthetics and authenticity become one.

The expressive combination of extravagant natural materials creates an impressive visual and tactile experience. Every detail of a Mondial celebrates master craftsmanship, demonstrates deep appreciation for the highest quality and is a testament to the relentless pursuit of maximum perfection.

A sculpture of expression and reduction.

Rarely have precious natural stones and exquisite natural woods been so expressively integrated into the architectural staging of a kitchen. The combination of rectilinear geometry with semicircles and a finely balanced balance of filigree with solid elements reveals a sculptural quality of extraordinary presence and highest value. 

The perfect semicircle of the extraordinarily solid worktop in mystical dark quartzite seems to float above the delicate cabinets with their fragile-looking glass fronts. Their proportions decisively define the expressive design philosophy of the MONDIAL kitchen.

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The velvety matt colour of the fronts, together with matt black surrounding oak veneer and beautifully shaped handles create a particularly valuable spatial experience. The colour-coordinated and illuminated recessed grip emphasises the verticality of the tall cabinets.

The subtle yet powerful colours combined with a high proportion of black correspond to our traditional understanding of timeless elegance.

The stylish play of volumes, colours and shapes is continued in the minimalist design of the kitchen shelf made of high-quality quartzite in White Fantasy.

Geometrically-formed front designs contrast with the expressive elegance of hand-selected natural wood veneer in oak hazelbrown. With perfect angles, frames bevelled from the inside create a subtle play of light and shadow. Newly designed handles in anodised and brushed golden bronze provide a harmonious counterpoint.

Choose from noble natural stones


The special aesthetic of fluted glass finds a unique expression in the luxurious glass showcases with their filigree aluminium frames in anodised black matt.

The solid monoblock of expressively-marbled quartzite radiates a unique image of elegance and grandeur. In an elaborate, highly precise process, the noble natural stone is joined together visually without joints. In the fine unevenness of its natural surface, the fingertips sense its evolved vitality. 

  • Arabescato Corchia/aluminium gold bronze
  • White fantasy/lacquer stone grey velvet-matt
  • Grigio Carnico patinato/aluminium black brushed


Expressive materials and high-contrast material thicknesses: SieMatic MONDIAL

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