SieMatic URBAN

Loose, lively and unconventional: that’s the effect of combining furniture from different design eras. And the modular, asymmetrical planning of this kitchen is just as individualized. High-quality materials and nuanced hues give even ultra-modern functional elements the character of elegant home furnishings. Harvesting fresh herbs yourself every day in such spacious, urban surroundings – wouldn’t that bring you a little bit of joy?

What makes SieMatic style collection URBAN so versatile and unique? It is the unconventional, intuitive juxtaposition of carefully selected objects and thematic contrasts: exciting and peaceful, strange and familiar, modest and ostentatious, flea market find and design classic. It is the individual aesthetics that tell a story of the experience, values and contrasts of a unique personality. It is “solitaire” planning in which each object has a relationship with its neighbor.

  • ceramic, boreal piedra/veneer, natural walnut
  • ceramic, new ork new york/metallic laminate, brushed rose gold
  • granite, nero assoluto textured/veneer, matt black oak


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Enjoying city life

To those who love urban life, it’s not loud but full of life; not anonymous but social; not hectic but exciting, versatile, inspiring, and colorful. Whether London or Lisbon, Berlin or Barcelona, New York or Nuremberg: Our cities are full of contrasts that the young and young-at-heart around the world find so fascinating, appealing, and productive. Everything is in motion, not just the traffic. Street art, pop-up shops, urban gardening – it is the spontaneous creativity of its inhabitants that is constantly changing the face of an urban center and turning it into a “user-generated city.” From a loft with the sparse charm of a former factory to an apartment in a cozy older building, and from a small row house to a generous penthouse with a view of the rooftops and streets: The city is a place of possibilities, in which everyone can find a niche.

Start planning your URBAN kitchen.

In the urban environment, history is welcome. With SieMatic 29, we have re-interpreted a piece of traditional furniture: the kitchen buffet. This new, timelessly elegant piece of furniture forms a characteristic element of the SieMatic style collection URBAN and simultaneously pays homage to our own history. The beveled, rounded side panels give the sideboard its unmistakable silhouette. It is available in all SieMatic materials and all the colors of the SieMatic ColorSystem. Depending on the selection of colors and materials, the design of the niche can blend in harmoniously or form a striking contrast.

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