SieMatic S2 kitchen

SieMatic S2

Realisation without compromise

A kitchen is the curator of your living space. Quality materials, subtle elegance, linear and casual design - with every fibre of its being, the S2 exudes connoisseurship, conveying the feeling that it has arrived.

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Designed by experts for connoisseurs. Thanks to its subtle elegance, adapted to your living space, the S2 exudes calm. It is like a safe haven.

Sculpture on SieMatic S2 kitchen cabinets

The eye-catching recess channel of the S2 uses materials skilfully, lending even smooth surfaces an impressive three-dimensionality.

SieMatic stainless steel kitchen worktop

Grand gestures require a clear stance

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Stainless steel demonstrates its origins as an industrial material. Yet it shines in a totally new, warm light in rose gold. S2 stands for design without sacrifice.

SieMatic S2 side view

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