#missingtype - SieM_tic takes part

SieMatic supports World Blood Donor Day 2021

Continuously ensuring the care of the chronically ill and injured is becoming an ever greater challenge. Every day, 14,000 blood donations are needed in Germany. Due to the limited shelf life of blood products, people's continuous commitment is and will remain essential. To draw attention to this, SieMatic supports a simple idea with a big impact: Around World Blood Donor Day on June 14, 2021, numerous companies, clubs, celebrities, athletes, etc. worldwide will avoid using the letters of the blood groups A, B, AB and O in their names, logos, statements.

May the members of the global SieMatic family, as well as our loved ones and friends, be spared all occasions and illnesses that require blood transfusions. But, of course, anyone can get into that situation - at any time. Then we will be thankful for a good healthcare system and enough blood donations. JOIN IN NOW: www.missingtype.de!

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