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Löhne, September 6, 2021 | Global social and cultural change is permanently altering the information and communication habits of people worldwide. At the same time, the perception of brands and their behaviour as well as people's preferences are changing. Successful brands face these challenges and continue to develop. Therefore, SieMatic's brand and communication strategy is also changing. The globally established premium brand is readjusting itself with great commitment for a successful future. Last year, building on its long tradition, roots and corporate values, the strategic realignment laid the foundation for the transformation from an established product brand to an outstanding lifestyle brand. Now it is time for SieMatic to make the transformation a public experience with a powerful, attention-grabbing brand campaign and a new website in many languages. The functionality and content of the website will of course be continually developed, charged with new emotional content and customised for user use.

Customer Centricity, a clear commitment of all efforts

Today, almost 90 per cent of furniture buyers look online first, but usually do not know what opportunities contemporary, individual kitchen planning offers and what to look out for. For most customers, a kitchen purchase was usually either made a long time ago or it is the first time. Many mistakes can be made that can be difficult to correct later. A new kitchen should give its users pleasure for decades. The priority for SieMatic is therefore clearly digital communication throughout the entire customer journey and the SieMatic Digital Lead Programme with multilingual marketing automation. In this way, prospective customers receive the most relevant support and information for them personally 24/7, tailored to the respective planning phase. On request, a SieMatic kitchen concierge can also provide personal assistance. As the customer's knowledge increases and the information relevant to planning is condensed, a suitable SieMatic planner is then recommended. In addition to the digital multi-channel campaign, advertisements, press articles, social media and special trade marketing measures continue to be important elements in actively shaping brand development and making it a more tangible experience for partners and customers alike. Initially, the campaign will show the change made by SieMatic from traditional, status-driven luxury to a very emotional, value-based and experience-driven luxury. A luxury that stands for lifestyle, that stands for individual, personal solutions instead of uniform, rigid concepts. The emancipation from the standard solutions of the industry is evident. Corporate design, layout, visual language, architecture and tonality have become more colourful, lively, younger and multifaceted - just as diverse as international kitchen buyers and users are.

Trend-setting worldwide in design, functionality and quality

Based on the company's own perception of itself and it’s aspirations, SieMatic positions itself at the leading edge of design, functionality and quality. In addition, the company aims to significantly differentiate itself in the area of emotiveness through design and consulting competence. Worldwide, SieMatic relies on over 400 very well selected and qualified partners with a good 2,000 kitchen specialists. SieMatic designers bring a great deal of expertise to bear in developing the perfect kitchen from the options available in the product portfolio, in a joint design process between consultant and end customer. They combine the almost unlimited design possibilities of the furniture ranges, materials, surfaces, fittings and special colours in velvet matt or high-gloss to create individual kitchen dreams. This process is highly emotional and should be great fun, because it creates something very individual. The SieMatic kitchen is an expression of personality and a central living space for discerning customers.

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