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13 - 21 April 2024


Premium Partner
of the
Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

Porsche Arena, Stuttgart
15th-23rd April 2023

A world-class event could not be any more exclusive. The entire women's tennis elite competed in the prestigious starting field of the 46th Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2023. No less than 9 of the 10 players ranked highest in the world, including the current World Champion and the current Olympic Champion, presented themselves to an enthusiastic international audience. And at the heart of the Arena: SieMatic.

We are really looking forward to the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2024, from 13-21 April in the Porsche Arena.

World-class tennis meets world-class kitchen design

An experience setting new culinary standards. Presented in kitchens setting new aesthetic standards. With a Show Kitchen and a Chef’s Table in the VIP lounge of the Porsche Arena, SieMatic will be guaranteeing a succession of exclusive culinary highlights. All presented on an equally exclusive stage: two luxurious, top-quality SieMatic kitchens for discerning connoisseurs from all over the world.

Premiere on an international stage

With the opening serve of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2023, the curtain will also open on an exceptional film premiere. In 30 epic seconds, completely new perspectives will be revealed into a world featuring unlimited passion and a tireless striving for the greatest precision and perfection, uniting on the large screen the philosophy of high-performance sport and high-performance SieMatic kitchen design.

There is performance.
And there is top performance.
There are kitchens.
And there is a SieMatic.

Start planning your own kitchen now

We have created an interactive planning tool containing the most important questions so that you can come well prepared to a first kitchen consultation. Start planning now and arrange an appointment with the SieMatic Kitchen Studio.

A New World

The expressive design of SieMatic MONDIAL
speaks a minimalist, modern and geometric language of form. 



The kitchen is the place where one's own personality unfolds. A place where you spend time with your own thoughts, but also inspirational hours with friends. A place where you come home and embark on new creative adventures.