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Löhne, 29th October 2021 | By 2026, Millennials and Gen Z will account for more than 60% of the luxury goods market worldwide. This is leading to a massive shift in the definition of luxury and how it is expressed, a fast-moving development already tangible today. Old luxury meant status, ownership, sophisticated taste, exclusivity. New luxury ranks experiences over objects; aspiration is driven by cultural values. SieMatic is convinced that international brands need to continue evolving in order to boost their cultural relevance and provide emotional experiences able to inspire and enthral.

Materials as agents of emotion, for a new consumer mindset.

In the design of individual kitchen solutions, style and functionality are crucial, but materials have an equally important emotional role to play. Perfectly chosen, they will reflect the personality of their owner. This is especially true of open-plan kitchens, which are in direct dialogue with living and dining furniture. And this means they not only have to fulfil specific functions, but must also meet the high standards of their users aesthetically. Because individual customer preferences differ so widely, SieMatic materials and product lines are almost unlimited in the scope of variability they provide. Depending on the taste of the global client, kitchen design concepts can range from extrovert to subtle, colourful to monochrome. Compact kitchens alongside spacious, open-plan solutions. In every respect an emotionally diversified spectrum encompassing versatility, colourfulness and plurality. And linking them all: the design quality and timeless elegance of the SieMatic brand.

When selecting materials, not only are their own features important, but also those of the surrounding architecture, which will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. The kitchen concepts realised by SieMatic planners worldwide clearly demonstrate the strong interplay between materials, style and architecture. Kitchens are designed according to one of two alternative approaches: in harmony with the surrounding architecture, or as a conscious stylistic departure from it. In line with the preferences of the individual kitchen user, and as versatile as international customers can be.

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