A new opulence. A new simplicity. A new world.

Milan, 7th June 2022 | Parallel to the leading international trade fair Salone del Mobile / Eurocucina 2022 in Milan, SieMatic is inviting kitchen specialists, journalists and friends of interior design to the SieMatic Monte Santo showroom on an emotional journey into the new SieMatic Mondial style world. A world which, with its visionary design language taken from the simplicity of geometric forms and the opulence of expressive materials, provides an inspirational insight into the future of premium and luxury SieMatic kitchens. In the top location of Porta Nuova in central Milan, SieMatic Monte Santo has been transformed into a world stage for this international premiere of innovative new products and design concepts.

"Milan is famous around the globe as a centre for fashion and design, and the Salone del Mobile is the fitting platform for a live reunion after such a long time and after all the challenges we have faced. We are really looking forward to presenting the next steps in the development of our brand and products to an international audience. With an astonishing design language combining the opulence of expressive materials and the simplicity of geometric forms, it is our pleasure to provide an inspirational insight into the future of SieMatic."
André Backemeier, SieMatic Creative Director

In the last few years, the perception of luxury has undergone a fundamental shift.

Since the luxury consumers of today and the choices they make are continually raising the bar, we are experiencing a new and evolving definition of luxury. This concept of luxury is concerned less with superficial status symbols which customers wish to own and far more with who they wish to be. They want to be inspired by brands and to feel emotionally drawn to them. Brands which help them to express their own individuality. But that is not all: luxury customers in particular align their own values with those of a brand before entering into an authentic dialogue with that brand. 

This shifting, evolving world of luxury and lifestyle has motivated SieMatic to develop a contemporary luxury kitchen concept which gives customers the opportunity to express themselves with the greatest possible degree of individuality. The new SieMatic Mondial style world, with its visionary design language, combines the simplicity of geometric forms with the opulence of expressive materials to form an experience which appeals to all the senses at once. The fascinating interplay of material, form and colour lends the kitchen an astounding presence, while at the same time allowing it to blend in with the surrounding architecture.

A new SieMatic showroom concept, focusing consistently on the customer and celebrating its international premiere in Milan, in turn creates an equally fascinating experience and provides a multi-sensory insight into the future of SieMatic premium and luxury kitchens. As visitors immerse themselves in the new SieMatic brand identity, they can move between inspirational zones, offering a plethora of stylistic elements and materials, and separate inviting communication zones. In this creative atmosphere, customers can familiarise themselves with their true preferences and requirements. And then, in a designated area of the exhibition and in dialogue with a skilled designer, they can witness their individual and unique kitchen become a reality.

"Kitchens today are far more than the heart of the home: they are expressions of personality. With our PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC style worlds, tailored to differing customer needs and preferences, SieMatic has long been used to providing individual solutions. And now a new architectural style is taking hold worldwide, minimalist and yet sophisticated, opulent yet not traditional. Staying true to our principle of focusing on the customer at all times, SieMatic has been motivated by this development to create a new style world MONDIAL, our holistic answer to the wishes and requirements of our global clientele."
Daniel Griehl, CEO SieMatic

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