Winner "Best of URBAN"

Within the competition of the SieMatic ID Contest, the jury chose the following project as the winner "Best of URBAN":
Project ‘Het Boekendaaltje‘ by Colette Dike, Bloemendaal and John van de Gevel, SieMatic aan het Vondelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SieMatic ID Contest 2019

Owner Colette Dike describes her inspiring project: “In the middle of the charming small town of Bloemendaal there has been a small vintage bookstore for over 20 years. We lived in Amsterdam for years, but because both of us originally came from that area, we knew this popular bookstore very well. Now that we had two little girls, we were looking for a bigger home. Something original, something extraordinary, with room for my own studio, which I can use for my company @fooddeco. When this bookstore came on the market, we fell in love immediately. It was the perfect place for our new home and the Fooddeco studio. This house is workplace and home in one, it is partly a monument, a more modern part was added in 1997. We have rebuilt almost everything, but the old bookstore was to remain at the heart – with our SieMatic URBAN kitchen. I love everything about this kitchen. 100 m² cooking and eating. A room with high ceilings (with a very old beamed ceiling built from the wood of former Dutch merchant ships), a concrete floor, designer and vintage lamps, velvet combined with brass - and lots of plants. People still come by every day to buy used books or bring them to the shop. But now there are only my own books left: ‘Avocado’, ‘The Ultimate Avocado Cookbook’, ‘Sweet Potato’ and ‘The Avocado Show’. All created at our favorite place: our SieMatic kitchen.”

The jury presented its reasons for selecting this URBAN project as the winner as follows:
The generous kitchen block and the floating shelf in industrial style optimally meet the residents‘ need for room and storage space without appearing bulky. In addition, the absence of wall units creates a sense of visual lightness. In keeping with the cast concrete floor, fronts and surfaces have a timeless monochrome look. Located in the entrance area, the kitchen with its harmoniously selected materials and skilfully set black-and-white accents paves the way to an urban apartment and at the same time has the potential to become the centre of life. (Bettina Billerbeck)

We congratulate Ms. Dike, Mr. van de Gevel and SieMatic aan het Vondelpark on winning the ID Contest 2019.

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