The new SieMatic S2 iconic design generation

Löhne, 15 December 2023 | If you wished to describe the essence of the SieMatic brand in a few concise words, then the most fitting would have to be: innovative, inspiring, fascinating. SieMatic proved this once again at the international ID Days 2023. The new products shown at the exhibition are now being eagerly anticipated. Some are already available to order, or will be within the first half of 2024. All over the world, skilled kitchen specialists and interior designers are busy integrating them in their SieMatic studios and individual interior design concepts for discerning customers.

SieMatic is active in 75 countries worldwide, all with very different cultures, as well as cooking and culinary habits. The extensive product innovations surprised and inspired kitchen specialists and planners alike. Especially the new kitchen generation of the handle-free SieMatic S2 with its hidden features and secret functions. In addition, there was a wealth of other new products to discover and experience.

"The new SieMatic S2 generation has the wow factor, with its iconic design, new materials and surfaces, its precise finishes and innovative functions, such as SieMatic SecretSpace and SecretService. Its design is flexible, personalisable and durable, making it extremely attractive to users. Our global sales partners are already busy planning new S2 show kitchens to surprise their customers."
Jörg Overlack, Head of Brand & Corporate Communication

The new generation SieMatic S2 - full of surprises

Inspiring people with fascinating kitchen concepts has a long tradition at SieMatic. It is the soul and identity of the company. The focus is always on customers worldwide, with their ever-growing and changing needs, as well as their high standards, for whom SieMatic aims to create special customer experiences.

SieMatic is considered to be the inventor of the handle-free kitchen. From the 6006 in 1960, to the SL in the late 1980s, to the S2 and SLX today, the handle-free kitchen has been continually developed in keeping with the times, and SieMatic has won many awards with it. With a series of surprising innovations, SieMatic has always demonstrated foresight and set new standards that have often later become precedents. With the new S2 generation, SieMatic is designing the timeless handle-free classic to be even more part of the furniture, further integrating the kitchen into the living space.

The DNA of the SieMatic S2 includes recessed grip channels all around the island, here in anodised matt black, making the special SieMatic SteinDesign worktop in a fine 1cm look appear to float with a unique lightness. The elaborately mitred corner solutions of the fronts and side panels are true to the claim of high-quality, luxurious living and interior design. The veneer and lacquer fronts of the S2, together with the selected high-quality materials and the special SieMatic wall units continuing the metal and lacquer shades of the kitchen, achieve a completely new, even more integrated look. The new shade sahara beige, shown here in matt lacquer, is available to order within the complete SieMatic range of materials in both matt and gloss. The new circular tabletop, designed in the same colour spectrum as the kitchen, breaks the space up further and is the ideal spot for a quick breakfast or an evening snack, but also functions as a practical place to work. The tall cabinet unit, reaching to the ceiling and extending over 7 metres, offers immense, cleverly usable storage space, but its structure and mix of materials make it seem less dominant and powerful within the room.

With "SecretService", a drawer with Push2Open opening concealed within the 3.5 cm flat recessed channel of the SieMatic S2, SieMatic once again demonstrates its high level of interior design competence. SecretService increases storage space and provides quick access to a clear overview of flat and fine items, such as a knife set, cheese and truffle slicers or smartphones and tablets. Equipped with magnetic knife holders or divider bars in smoky chestnut and light oak to harmonise with the SieMatic interiors and MultiMatic, these drawers can be individually configured and also provide a magnetic secure hold for chef's knives.

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