Your training at SieMatic

We offer you

A practice-oriented apprenticeship in which you will work in all departments of our company that are relevant to your profession. This not only gives you an understanding of the interrelationships between individual departments and the entire company, but also of the various focal points of the profession you are learning. Your personal and professional development is very important to us. That's why you will be actively involved in the day-to-day business from the very beginning and gradually take on responsibility for project-related tasks. Since we also place particular value on the independence of our trainees, each and every trainee is called upon to actively help shape his or her own training.

"Best place to learn"

In July 2015, SieMatic was certified with the "BEST PLACE to LEARN" seal of quality. This seal of quality is awarded by the career portal AUBI-plus and the personnel agency Kibo Kommunikation to companies with particularly good training. As part of the certification process, a 360-degree survey was conducted at SieMatic in May 2015, in which all trainees, former trainees and the trainers were interviewed. We are proud and very pleased to be a "BEST PLACE to LEARN" and would like to continue to offer our trainees successful and high-quality training through constant improvements.

Training courses


The training package is perfectly rounded off by extensive internal and external training courses. In the regular training sessions, topics that are particularly important for the daily tasks are covered, so that our trainees gain a comprehensive insight into SieMatic's operational processes at the end of their training.  In order to also get a view beyond SieMatic, our trainees also visit our suppliers and sales partners. By the way, many training sessions are prepared and held by the trainees themselves. This increases the learning effect and the trainees can practise their presentation skills.

Supplementary lessons


For all commercial and industrial trainees, additional lessons are held once a week with the aim of preparing them as well as possible for the intermediate and final exams. To this end, topics from the vocational school are dealt with and linked to current topics from the company. When exams are due, the relevant content is repeated. Our trainees report that these additional lessons are "worth their weight in gold", as the preparation time for exams that goes beyond the classroom is considerably reduced.

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