Information about the reporting office under the HinSchG.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As part of a modern compliance culture, we, SieMatic Möbelwerke GmbH & Co KG (hereinafter referred to as "SieMatic"), have established a reporting system to which you can turn if you notice any misconduct or errors on our part. We are committed to continually improving ourselves and rely on your feedback for that purpose. You have the option to provide feedback with or without disclosing your name.
Below, we provide information about the processes of our reporting system. Please note that the reporting system is only intended for communications related to violations of legal requirements under §§ 2, 3 of the HinSchG (Hinweisgebergesetz).

The new reporting procedure at the reporting office is as follows:

1. If you observe signs indicating that SieMatic is in violation of legal requirements or regulations or that such a risk exists, you have the opportunity to provide us with a report on this matter.

You can submit reports via email to the following address:

You can also provide reports by phone at the following number:

Reports are received and processed by the law firm BRANDI Rechtsanwälte in Detmold.

You can choose to submit reports anonymously or with your identity disclosed. The reporting office ensures the confidentiality of your identity, particularly regarding SieMatic. Only the law firm BRANDI Rechtsanwälte, acting independently of us, has access to your reports, not SieMatic itself.

You determine the content of the report. However, we kindly request as much specific information as possible (what happened, when and where did it happen, is the risk or violation ongoing, who are the individuals or companies involved) to efficiently investigate the report and address potential risks or violations as quickly as possible.

2. The reporting office will receive the reports and confirm their receipt to you within seven days at the latest. This confirmation is only possible if you provide a contact through which the reporting office can reach you.

The reporting office will then assess:

a) whether the information you provided may indicate a violation or risk,
b) whether and to what extent measures are necessary to address such violations or risks.

The reporting office may reach out to you again if further information about the reports you provided is required.

3. The reporting office will inform SieMatic about the content of received reports (while preserving your anonymity and the anonymity of individuals mentioned in the report). The reporting office will assess what measures SieMatic needs to take to eliminate or prevent any risks or violations.

The reporting office will coordinate with SieMatic on the necessary measures. However, it remains independent of SieMatic at all times and will make decisions autonomously, without instructions from SieMatic.

The reporting office ensures that the reports you provided are treated with the same care, regardless of your identity. It also ensures that you do not suffer any disadvantages from SieMatic as a result of your report. The reporting office will inform SieMatic about the content of the reports you provided without revealing your identity.

Please be aware that the reporting office is authorized to disclose the identity of the reporter to SieMatic if the reporter intentionally or grossly negligently provides incorrect information about violations.

4. The reporting office will keep you informed about the progress and measures taken. You will receive an update on the current status of the process at least once a month. Once the necessary measures are completed, the reporting office will provide you with a final report.
Throughout the entire process, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns.

By reporting errors or violations, you assist us in addressing them promptly and improving ourselves for the future.