Because every home is different

Take a look inside contemporary kitchens filled with personality and flair: SieMatic Stories tell the tales of refreshing home concepts and feature the people who live there.


The design of Cathy Hummels' kitchen also had to reflect her personality. As a single mother who likes to cook, and who has also co-authored a cookery book, Cathy Hummels had very precise ideas about how her dream kitchen should look.


The BELLGAVE is a private luxury residence in Los Angeles, collaboratively created by internationally renowned architectural firm SAOTA, the project developer Clive Robertson and the designer Gary Osborne.


In Komazawa, just outside the bustling city of Tokyo, a remarkable luxury home has been created: the MARE Wood Residence.


A classical Viennese period property oozes charm, but also has its pitfalls. A complex, not exactly straightforward layout, for example. Like the narrow, corridor-like space where Emily has planned her dream kitchen. 


Following an intensive phase of planning and renovation work, a high-quality, timeless and elegant SieMatic kitchen is now seamlessly integrated in the dining area, forming the vibrant centerpiece of the house. 


When little kids grow up: An Irish townhouse transforms into a spatial wonder in black and white.

Greenhill House

Living with foresight: In England's north, a kitchen charmingly integrated into the living space connects the generations.


A kitchen full of ornamentation and love: How a French medical couple brings home into their house.


Above the rooftops of Salamanca, expansive design and contemporary art merge to create a masterpiece of modern living.