Born in Vienna.
At home in the arts.

The applause goes on and on, extending all the way back to the last row of the cinema showing the sold-out premiere. The ovations are for the magnificent actors in the biopic "Alma & Oskar", in which Emily Cox plays the lead role of composer, author and socialite Alma Mahler. The talented actress is a shooting star. "The Last Kingdom", one of the most successful Netflix productions to date and in which she played the temperamental warrior Brida, was responsible for her international breakthrough, since when Emily Cox has been able to choose her film projects to suit. 

Space for passion.

The cosmopolitan actress, born in Vienna with dual British and Irish nationalities, grew up bilingual. Her artistic family – both parents were pianists - gave Emily ample space to develop and explore her talents. At the early age of seven, she already knew that she wanted to act. 

Thirty years later, the sought-after actress has testified to her talent in countless productions. No genre is alien to her, and she is just as comfortable on the stage as in front of the camera. 

And now, as then, Emily knows exactly what she wants: to tell stories of substance. And to play characters who have something to say. Mentally exhausting work demanding concentration and focus, making the few downtimes which Emily has between projects all the more precious. 

"I approach filming with a positive, good-humoured energy, and in the evenings I do things that are good for me. I go to bed on time and eat healthy and delicious food."

Emily Cox

She likes most to spend them in her two homes, Berlin and Vienna. They are the two places she can retreat to, peaceful oases of calm in the middle of a full timetable, islands of recuperation from working days which can easily span fifteen or sixteen hours.

Raising the curtain on urban life.

Leaving behind the vibrant bustle of the Viennese Naschmarkt and turning into one of the quiet neighbouring alleyways, one soon comes to a large, green courtyard flanked on three sides by light, stuccoed, historical Viennese buildings.

Somewhere up here, Emily Cox has made a new home for herself. A classical Viennese period property oozes charm, but also has its pitfalls. A complex, not exactly straightforward layout, for example. Like the narrow, corridor-like space where Emily has planned her dream kitchen.

It was a real challenge to design it in such a way that the function and form of the kitchen could be preserved, while still imparting a sense of effortlessness. 

Together with Emily, SieMatic kitchen expert Alexander Käferböck from the design team Brunn searched for a kitchen solution which could offer a multitude of individual design opportunities thanks to flexibility and a harmonious interplay of individual functional elements. They found the answer in a SieMatic SLC from the style world PURE.

The art of combining: ever new combinations of high-quality materials and sensitively selected colours open up unique possibilities for a purist ambience in kitchen design, from cool and technical to warm and homely.

The modular, asymmetrical design of the kitchen stretches completely down one of the two long sides of the narrow space, leaving the opposite wall free. Instead of working with the conventional cabinet depth of 60 cm, the designer unusually opted for 75 cm, in order to gain more countertop space, as well as more storage. 

A kitchen which reflects the personality of its owner.

The entire length of the countertop is in natural, light, marbled quartz, its colour corresponding perfectly to the colour of the entire row of kitchen units and integrated grey mirror.

The surface of the mirror, which forms part of the back wall, not only optically creates a more generous feeling of space, but also captures the warm light falling through the window from the courtyard.

Together with the soft shades of the kitchen, the feeling is one of warmth and cosiness, despite the narrowness of the space. A kitchen which is as functional as it is beautiful, an oasis of calm and a peaceful contrast to the pulsating nature of the nearby vibrant Naschmarkt with its colourful stands, where Emily regularly goes to buy the things she needs for her healthy lifestyle. 

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