The elegant side of extravagance.

She is not the classic TV presenter, the classic businesswoman, the classic author. Cathy Hummels could never be pigeonholed. But she always knew precisely what she wanted to achieve. And she always had an inner light to guide her, to tell her: you can make it. And Cathy Hummels undoubtedly made it. She presents a successful reality TV show which has won the German Television Prize, she overcame a painful separation and then founded her own company, and she has written a bestselling book about coping with depression. And now she is beginning another new chapter in her life, moving into a house designed especially for her and her son.

There is the public side to Cathy Hummels: the extrovert, glamorous, media-savvy side. A person who loves the limelight, who has so much fun doing what she does, who does not take herself very seriously. Who presents herself as she is: glamorous, elegant, extravagant. And with a keen sense of what makes life special, unique.

Cathy Hummels reveals her other, more introvert side in her new home. Here she has fulfilled her dream of a peaceful retreat. The luxurious interior design is sophisticated and elegant, thought through to the smallest detail, and realised with tremendous love.

"I wear what I like. My style is elegant, but also extravagant. That is not for everyone, but it is Cathy. It expresses who I am." 

Cathy Hummels

Cathy Hummels has furnished her new home completely in line with her own ideas. Clear shapes, a reduced colour palette and sophisticated natural materials create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Unusual design elements provide deliberate focal points, and are the expression of personal style in the creation of a personal living space. Here Cathy Hummels welcomes visitors, meets family and friends, and can relax or regenerate with active meditation or exercising. Practical: the famous Munich park "English Garden" is in the direct vicinity.

"Interior design is like an artist's handwriting"

The design of Cathy Hummels' kitchen also had to reflect her personality. As a single mother who likes to cook, and who has also co-authored a cookery book, Cathy Hummels had very precise ideas about how her dream kitchen should look. Bright and friendly, but with contrasting accents. The materials used should be high-quality, but also robust. Handles should not impose on the clear aesthetic, while the layout of storage and devices should be in perfect harmony with how they are used on a daily basis. She planned not only induction hobs, but also a teppanyaki hob. And she wanted the breakfast and coffee area to be hidden discreetly behind sliding doors when not in use.

For the realisation of her ideas, Cathy Hummels sought out the support of Sarah Metz, Head of Corporate Architecture & Design at SieMatic. Step by step, and in collaboration, they created a unique kitchen perfectly designed to suit the wishes and ideas of its stylish owner. The kitchen centres around the elegant handleless SieMatic SLX, providing a unique atmosphere within the room thanks to its excellent finish, timeless design and special lighting concept. 

A sophisticated use of colour provides a visual impact which is intriguing in its lightness. The fronts of the tall cabinets are in velvet-matt agate grey, the base cabinets of the kitchen island and the sink units in velvet-matt sahara beige. The light countertops are in a robust Pietra di Luna ceramic. And in the same material there is a completely seamless niche panel measuring nearly 4 metres. Unexpected contrasts are created by combining this look with matt black oak veneer in the niches of the attractive coffee bar, or on the foot and base of the round bar table.

From the outset, the declared objective of the kitchen concept was to link aesthetic appeal with a high degree of functionality. Well-conceived solutions, such as smooth sliding doors skilfully concealing a coffee bar and a clever storage area, allow the kitchen to morph from being a scene of culinary activity to a relaxed living area, and back again. A comprehensive collection of pipes and the controls for all the blinds throughout the house were on one kitchen wall, posing a particular challenge to the implementation. These disruptive elements were ultimately rendered invisible behind the immaculate surface of elegant in-built cabinets with generous storage.

Contrasting materials: a celebration of courage.

"My new home is a retreat very personal to me. It protects me, I can relax here, and I know: this is me."

"What would I say to my younger self? Relax: que sera sera. But most of all: enjoy the ride!"

An absolute focal point is the round table from the SieMatic style world Mondial with its attractively patterned Nero Marinace natural stone tabletop, inviting friends and family to spend time with Cathy Hummels in her kitchen. Nero Marinace is not only repeated behind the side-sliding doors to the coffee bar, but also on the large dining table and fireplace, creating an optical connection to the dining and living areas.

In Casa Cathy, as Cathy Hummels playfully calls her new home, she has realised the dream kitchen which perfectly reflects her personality. Unique, elegant, but also a little extravagant. An oasis of calm in the middle of Munich's bustling Bohemian quarter Schwabing. An inviting refuge, ready for a new and exciting chapter in the story of her life.

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