Opulence, reinterpreted

True personality submits to no norm. The expressive design of SieMatic MONDIAL speaks a minimalist, modern and geometric language of form without traditional ornamentation and stylistics. With bold colours and shapes, paired with expressive materials and material thicknesses, it transcends the boundaries of kitchen design. And opens up an emotional world of opulence, simplicity and sensuality.

Sculptured expression and reduction

With its visionary design language, the new SieMatic MONDIAL combines the simplicity of geometric forms with the opulence of expressive materials to create an experience which is emotionally extremely compelling. The fascinating interplay of materials, shapes and colours lends the kitchen an exceptional presence: design, to perfection.

A unique space completely in harmony with its surroundings.

Aesthetics and authenticity become one.

Organically integrated in the architectural context, the visionary design language of the kitchen unfolds into the space. Selected materials and their expertly crafted finishes make every detail of a SieMatic MONDIAL a sensual experience.

Skilful playing with contrasts.

Seldom before have finest natural stone and choice natural woods been so expressively integrated in the architectural setting of a kitchen. The combination of geometrically clear cubes, circles and semi-circles with a fine balance of delicate and solid elements shows confident generosity without redundancy.

The perfect symbiosis of external and internal values.

The expressive surfaces of the MONDIAL style world conceal perfectly functioning SieMatic interior systems.

Inner values

It has never been so easy to have good taste.

Freedom in design.
The different interior design systems give you fascinating options, enabling the interior of your MONDIAL kitchen to be completely to your own personal taste.

The SieMatic drawers and pull-outs are as perfect in their appearance as they are in their function.

A unique combination of expressive form. The philosophy of a new aesthetic to reflect your authentic personality.

Start your own planning now

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