Greenhill House

A space for all occasions

The spacious open plan kitchen at Greenhill House has been designed for a large, lively family, who asked for a space where the whole family could relax, work, dine, entertain, and spend time together. 

The environmentally conscious owners were keen to use SieMatic furniture throughout the space, due to the company exceeding environmental standards. In addition, the timeless design of the muted, yet luxurious palette of materials means the kitchen will continue to grow with the family, remaining stylish in years to come.

Living in such a beautiful part of Yorkshire, the family wanted to bring the outdoors feeling inside and requested to use only the best and most sustainable materials to achieve this.

From kitchen furniture to tableware, only brands which were in-keeping with their environmental ethics were used in the design of the kitchen.

The main feature of the kitchen is a show-stopping four-metre-long island, providing the perfect spot to prep and cook at the hob while still having a full view of the living and dining space, allowing conversations to flow when entertaining. With ample amounts of storage on the island, the furniture was broken up by the wraparound breakfast bar, where everybody can enjoy a secluded cup of tea or glass of wine, for a moment of calm or a nice little chat.

The light and airy open-plan kitchen and living space strikes a careful balance between a highly functional workspace and a stylish, relaxed sanctuary. 


Moving into the dining space, a separate bar was included. Antique bronze mirror and delicate glass shelves add a subtle glamour to the entertaining zone. The positioning of the mirror means the views of the Yorkshire hills can be taken in wherever you are in the dining and living spaces.
The texture of the wood beautifully complements the scenic, rolling countryside views from the kitchen.

Overall, the whole space forms successful varying zones for all ages, suitable for quick meals after school to comfortable, chilled evenings with family and friends. 

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The large dining space was made possible by a complete redesign of the interior architecture to transform their small closed off rooms to one large, open plan space, made up of subtly zoned kitchen, dining and living areas. 

A media wall in the living area completes the open plan room, creating a comfortable spot to cosy down and relax. Visible from preparation and cooking area, the location of the media wall allows enjoying movies and sports games when working in the kitchen.

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