Tours -
French family life

A contemporary villa in the west of France - it is here in the outskirts of Tours that the family live with their three small children. The choice of a compatible kitchen was easy, as the reduced cubic design of the entire house provided the perfect basis for the installation of a SieMatic PURE. Clear lines combined with warm, almost playful elements run through the entire living-dining area, at the end of which the graphite-grey PURE sits enthroned, slightly elevated.

Whoever cooks here has an overview of all that goes on in this medical family's imposing living space. "It is simply both practical as well as really lovely to be part of the family life while cooking," reports Ms Hammoudi. 

 "The four bar stools at the spacious kitchen island also get a lot of use. Here, each of us can be creative in our own special way and my husband and I are always there if the children need help with anything."

The integration of their personal style was also very important to the couple having North African roots. "The tiles with their ornaments are reminiscent of our homeland Morocco, as are the black and gold lampshades."


Two large refrigerators and the massive ovens from Siemens allow for elaborate dining events with family and friends: "This kitchen is made for parties and celebrations of this nature." The 3m-wide, robust granite worktop offers plenty of room for a number of people to enjoy cooking here at the same time."

The project was realised in 2019 by Gilles Bertrand from the architecture firm AAGB in Tours together with Concept Inside Tours; Bertrand also owns a SieMatic. He is enthusiastic about the special modularity and the immense choice of colours, lacquers and surface materials that SieMatic offer.

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