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An open house

"It's the beating heart of this house", says Irish designer Sonya Lennon about her PURE kitchen - refurbished in 2022, integrated into her classic terraced house in Dublin that has a 120-year history. Considering a new kitchen was a challenge, as was so much about the necessary renovation. Lennon has lived in the house for over 20 years, raising her twins here. "I guess we were all kind of smaller back then", Lennon says with a laugh, emphasising that the requirements have changed now that four adults share the house.

"Last time we ate in the dining room, it felt odd, so secluded." Things are different today - the goal was to design a kitchen that conveys a sense of openness and spaciousness, blends unobtrusively into the new overall design and yet is still a statement. Clarity, strength, intuition: attributes that also play a special role in Lennon's career as an entrepreneur.

Superior functionality was also key to the design process: "Things shape us too, you know," says Lennon, who found a new appreciation for cooking thanks to her SieMatic. "I want to cook more and better." A "cooking household", she says, with cuisine and dining forming a kind of natural unity that is reflected in the living space.

Despite the highest demands for a coherent whole, starting with the mighty black-grey wooden façade, which is subtly reflected in the materiality and colourfulness of the SieMatic, to the cubic forms in combination with organic, warm elements - every single planning appointment, sometimes on site, sometimes in the studio, has something joyful for Lennon and conveys security. Crazy about details and with a great sense for the tactile, the team from Arena kitchens + interiors plan this project, which is as delicate as it is monolithic, as purist as it is bold.


SieMatic URBAN - creates harmony from a multitude of unconventional elements. Because where diverse styles and contrasts dominate, precision craftsmanship becomes visible, materials and colours take on a new value. URBAN speaks a language beyond the unambiguous and offers the individual a stage on which he or she can fully express themselves.

Sonya Lennon is an Irish designer, social entrepreneur and author. As an internationally sought-after speaker, she fights for equality, diversity and inclusion.

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