SieMatic SLX Ceramic wins
German Design Award 2022

The good news from the German Design Council reached SieMatic a few days before Christmas: The new SieMatic SLX Ceramic is German Design Award 2022 »Winner« in the category »Excellent Product Design«. After four awards in 2020 and 2021, the handle-free SieMatic SLX has now won its fifth prestigious award. The elite international jury, comprising 37 design experts from ten different nations, honours excellent design which is both pioneering and clearly distinct from the competition. The German Design Award is the highest prize given by the German Design Council. Recognised and influential throughout the world, it is one of the most highly respected awards in the field of industrial design. This is the tenth time that the German Design Award has identified and honoured leading design trends, making them known to a wide audience. Outstanding contributions to product design, communication design and architecture are selected every year.

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Fifth award for the handle-free kitchen concept

The new SieMatic SLX Ceramic offers enormous potential for individual creative development. The handle-free SieMatic SLX with fronts and countertops in robust ceramic is ideal for open-plan, easy-living kitchen concepts with high design standards. The impressive, very natural looking marbling flows precisely over the recesses between the practical pull-outs. A range of ceramic finishes is available, from subtle to expressive. The LED light channels in the horizontal and vertical shadow gaps can make a delicate SLX countertop appear to hover, lending a subtle and special atmosphere to the entire kitchen. This predominantly white SieMatic SLX Ceramic kitchen design is a composition of individual monoliths. The entire scene suggests the work of a sculptor who has staged individual elements in perfect proportion. All three kitchen islands are finished in white Syros Blanco ceramic and connected by a black bar which stretches almost the entire length of the three cubes, emphasising the horizontal dimension. The central island is a practical herb garden featuring a ceramic planter. The ceramic is insusceptible to scratches, moisture and acid, its marble decor continuing across and beyond the gaps between cabinets. The impact of the tall white unit at the rear of the kitchen is no less monumental than that of the three islands it overlooks. Two of the tall elements are black and set slightly back from the rest, physically dividing this generously interconnected wall unit into 5 optical sections. Hidden away with precise attention to aesthetics and versatility are a tea-making zone at one end of the tall lotus white units, as well as a quintet of appliances behind practical sliding doors. The handle-free doors open when gently pressed and can be slid sideways. An eye-level dishwasher behind the matte black segment opposite the sink opens when tapped lightly. When illuminated, the almost opaque cabinets in smoked glass reveal their interiors ever so slightly. The room which houses the kitchen is also impressive due to its sheer volume and illustrious character. It is proportional to the look, feels appropriate to the kitchen and elevates the holistic quality of the overall composition.

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