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SieMatic Management and Austrian sales partners combine business and emotions

What enriches and motivates more than personal, shared experiences? This combined with top-class business content and exchange at eye level was the objective for a joint 24 hours at the Red Bull Ring. The SieMatic management gave the selected participants an exclusive update on the company and brand strategy, as well as on planned product innovations and a completely new studio concept, which will have its world premiere at SieMatic Monte Santo from 7-12 June at the Salone del Mobile / Eurocucina in Milan on an area of around 400 m². The new studio concept not only does justice to the changed customer mindset and the adapted brand strategy, it also helps to differentiate more clearly from the uniformity of the industry. And it enables SieMatic's international sales partners to present their brands and products in a contemporary, progressive way, even in smaller city centre spaces. The new products can also be experienced live for the first time in Milan, and of course in September at the SieMatic ID Days 2022 in-house exhibition in Löhne, East Westphalia.

Under "Customer Mindsets / The Changing Customer", Vera Kuhlo, luxury specialist and director at the international strategy consultancy Keylens, gave a deep insight into how the information and buying behaviour of premium and luxury consumers is constantly changing. Luxury is evolving from status-driven ownership luxury, which still exists, to a currently defining and dominating experience luxury, whose core drivers are experience, being and democratisation, to a growing and changing neo-luxury. The core drivers here are meaning, sustainability and casualisation. This changes consumers and consumers change markets and needs. All three luxury variants are still or already in existence, but by 2026 Millennials and Gen Z will already account for 60% of the rapidly growing luxury market and offer great development potential. Vera Kuhlo very clearly conveyed how and why the customer mindset is changing significantly, not only in the luxury market, and why it is so essential not to close oneself off to this as a brand and as a sales partner and to change as well in order to successfully accompany customers on their customer journey. Because at the end of this journey, enthusiastic customers are waiting to make a purchase and thus also multipliers for successful recommendations.

In perfect weather at the Red Bull Ring, the SieMatic family of course also enjoyed the feeling of competition and emotional experiences on snow and ice or off the road. Those who wanted to tested or improved their skills on snowmobiles and in off-road trucks. Competent instructors always at your side. It was a great pity that some of the partners were unable to attend the event due to Corona. The team wished them a full recovery and regretted the loss of insights into SieMatic News and the shared experiences at Spielberg.

We enjoyed our time together at Spielberg very much. A compact 24 hours full of inspiration, emotion, partnership and a view into business transformation: a wonderful, enriching experience for which we would like to thank the Spielberg team and our Austrian sales partners most sincerely, also on behalf of our management team from Löhne.

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