Winner "Best of CLASSIC"

Within the competition of the SieMatic ID Contest, the jury chose the following project as the winner "Best of CLASSIC": Project ‘Landhaustraum’ by Hanne Günther, SieMatic an der Theaterstraße & Mi-Architekten, Aachen, Germany

SieMatic ID Contest 2022

This concept delivers the absolute dream country-style kitchen. A highlight of this kitchen is its fronts in a special matt NCS shade, combined with the perfect detailing of its design.

The jury presented its reasons for selecting this CLASSIC project as the winner as follows:
A perfect balance between classic antique details and more modern elements has been created here with particular sensitivity. The subtle fronts with their profiles and shell handles contrast with the pleasantly calm design of the recess with its generous pale natural stone and plain sliding doors. The separation and yet connection of the two rooms has been cleverly achieved with a strip of shelves beneath the ceiling which rests like an archway on the cabinets to both sides – to the dining room as a display unit, to the kitchen as additional storage. Despite being open-plan, the dining area has been given a clear optical separation. This design deserves its award in the category “Classic”! At first sight the kitchen is fairly nondescript, but a second look reveals an extraordinary country-style kitchen in a limited space with incredibly diverse detailing. The modest shade of its fronts harmonises with the forceful, yet plain marble. Whether it be the charming design of the shell handles, the clever planning of storage or the persuasive richness of detail - this small, but perfectly formed country-style kitchen knows how to shine with creative sensitivity and understated good taste.

We congratulate Hanne Günther and SieMatic an der Theaterstraße, Aachen, on winning the ID Contest 2022.

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