Winner "Best of PURE"

Within the competition of the SieMatic ID Contest, the jury chose the following project as the winner "Best of PURE": Project ‘Komazawa-house’ by Toshio Nakajima, SMW Japan Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

SieMatic ID Contest 2022

This is at Komazawa showroom of Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., a major house builder. It realizes a highly flexible living-dining room by a unique hybrid mixed structure that incorporates the advantages of two structures, the flexibility of wooden construction and the robustness of reinforced concrete construction. The centerpiece of the space is SieMatic kitchen. Mr. Keizo Sakurai, who is a director of ZIZAI DESIGN OFFICE, which elite people are gathered in from internal Daiwa House, reviews the four seasons of Japan and the advantages of Japanese houses, and proposes a new way of LDK in that space. It produces a rhythmic space by the flat ceiling with the steps on the floor. The countertop is made with a custom-made oak tree that combines sapwood and zebra patterns, the contrast with graphite grey is beautiful, and the island which size is W5800 x D1844 is also stunning. This is a New lifestyle centers on the kitchen which incorporates free ideas for family gatherings such as cooking, eating, studying and chatting while relaxing on the built-in sofa.

The jury presented its reasons for selecting this PURE project as the winner as follows:
This room combines cooking, eating and living in a very interesting way, uniting the different elements in a perfect line of flow. By restricting the main functionality of the kitchen to the walls, the centrepiece becomes a spacious world stage on which all things play out simultaneously. The kitchen has a timeless, state-of-the-art “mid-century-modern” atmosphere. A reduced yet unique concept for a luxury kitchen. This luxurious kitchen fits in with the architecture of the house effortlessly. Raised on a pedestal, it is in itself a piece of architecture. The perfectly finished and extremely versatile composition reflects the classy materials of the house and forms the true heart of the flowing living arrangement. Equally flowing is the structure of the kitchen itself, in which cooking, eating, communicating and relaxing co-exist in perfect harmony. An outstanding concept!

We congratulate Toshio Nakajima and SMW Japan Ltd., Tokyo, on winning the ID Contest 2022.

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