Winner "Best of the Best"

Within the competition of the SieMatic ID Contest, the jury chose the following project as the winner "Best of the Best" and thus as the most convincing of all submissions:
Projekt ‘N house’ by Satoshi Kurosaki, Apollo Architects and Associates and SMW Japan from Tokyo, Japan

SieMatic ID Contest 2019

The kitchen, planned accordingly to the SieMatic PURE style collection, is located in the home of Satoshi Kurosaki, who has made a name for himself both inside and outside Japan with his minimalist architecture. He himself calls this work „COVER“. But in contrast to the cool, metallic appearance of the shell, the interior is filled with soft light and conveys the atmosphere of a concert hall. Particularly impressive is the roof construction, which opens up completely new perspectives and adds a new dimension to the room. In the evening hours, the kitchen looks almost like a piano in the middle of a concert hall. The result is a stage that elevates the process of cooking and eating to a masterpiece. During the day with sunlight, the kitchen looks like a bistro. A living space in which enjoyment comes to the fore while eating and cooking. The consequent minimalism, which results from the renunciation of all redundant materials, creates an elevated as well as calm atmosphere. By allowing natural light to enter, but concealing the external environment, one feels as if one is entering another world. The ingenious interplay of bright daylight and indirect light in the evening lends this kitchen two different characters that come together to form an impressive overall picture.

The jury presented its reasons for selecting this outstanding project as the winner as follows:
What makes this space so special is the attention to the proportions. It‘s beautifully executed and artfully composed. The space is simple, yet interesting – warm and comfortable, while still maintaining the sleek, pure lines. It‘s the kind of space one would want to live in. (Mick De Giulio)

We congratulate Mr. Kurosaki, Apollo Architects and Associates and SMW Japan on winning the ID Contest 2019.

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