Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2023

More than 20 million TV and streaming viewers from around the world will be watching closely. With up to 4,000 visitors daily, the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart offers an impressive atmosphere with Centre Court, Court 1 and 2, the Village and the Racket Sports World. Up to 450 VIP guests daily experience thrilling tennis, first-class service, highest quality, and excellent entertainment in an extraordinary ambiance. And in the midst of the Porsche Arena, SieMatic is there.

Premiere on an international stage

In the VIP area of the Porsche Arena, SieMatic will provide exclusive aesthetic and culinary highlights with a specially designed Show Kitchen and a Chef's Table. The two luxurious, high-end SieMatic kitchen concepts will be presented on equally exclusive stages in the middle of the Carrera Lounge. In the SieMatic Show Kitchen, the chefs from Porsche's gastronomy create and arrange up daily changing signature dishes as well as sushi as a weekly special for discerning VIP guests from all over the world. At the SieMatic Mondial Chef's Table, special VIP guests, players and Porsche Tennis Grand Prix partners are catered for and special events such as wine tastings and meet & greets are held. It is an experience that sets new culinary standards for all and is presented in SieMatic kitchens that set new aesthetic standards.

"We are very happy about our involvement in the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and are convinced that our commitment will also benefit our international sales partners. For this reason, we have readily agreed to a partnership with Porsche for several years to come. Kitchens are a place where people can develop their own personalities. Where people can spend time lost in their own thoughts, but also spend inspiring hours with friends and family. Where people come home to, and where they set out from on new and creative adventures. With the SieMatic Show Kitchen and the Chef’s Table in the Carrera Lounge of the Porsche-Arena, we will be contributing to that feeling of home for VIP guests, the tournament partners and the players. And for all other friends of top-level individual kitchen design solutions, we recommend a visit to our website or to one of the outstanding SieMatic kitchen studios worldwide."
Jörg Overlack, Head of Brand & Corporate Communication

With the opening serve of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2023, the curtain will also open on an exceptional film premiere. In 30 epic seconds, completely new perspectives will be revealed into a world featuring unlimited passion and a tireless striving for the greatest precision and perfection, uniting on the large screen the philosophy of high-performance sport and high-performance SieMatic kitchen design. During the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, the SieMatic film will be shown daily on the large LED screen of the Centre Court and will also be available online all over the world at siematic.com.

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Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2023
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