Opening of Soulstory Studio Kolkata

With the Kolkata location, Soulstory Studios has recently opened two new showrooms in India together with Mumbai. Kolkata, the capital of the state of West Bengal, has a total population of over 15 million people and is known as India's cultural capital. In addition to the almost 100 m² SieMatic Brand Room, there is a Mondial island in the public area of the showroom, through which all other brand rooms are connected. In addition to SieMatic, the portfolio includes other European premium brands such as Baxter, Porro, Merediani, Hessentia and Edra. A special feature of the showroom is a fully functional home cinema.

Three-day opening from 27-29 November

Narendra Bachawat, Studio Team Kolkata, explains the studio name as follows: "Soulstory represents the individuality of each of our partner brands, as each brand has its own unique story and offers exceptional products. The name also signifies that each customer is an individual with their own wishes and preferences and we are committed to fulfilling their specific needs".

With this in mind, the executive architects from Kolkata-based ABIN Design Studio have given the overall concept of this showroom a special local flavour. The foyer and the public area of the showroom reflect the so-called "Alpona", a pattern usually hand-painted at the entrance of houses, intended as a sign of invitation. These "Alpona" motifs were stacked to form a dynamically designed wall. The combination of these different "Alpona" motifs results in a complex pattern that is reflected in a three-dimensional form on the walls, creating a unique spatial experience.

During the three-day official opening of the showroom from 27 to 29 November, numerous customers, designers and architects visited this extraordinary place.

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