Opening of Soulstory Studio Mumbai

With the opening of the Soulstory showroom in Mumbai, SieMatic is entering a booming global metropolis with great potential. Mumbai is not only the most populous city in India, but also known as the financial and economic capital and not least as the home of the famous "Bollywood" film industry. In this environment, a special home base has been created for top luxury brands from Europe. The unique showroom concept was designed by the renowned ZZ Architects from Mumbai.

One showroom, many brands - and SieMatic right in the centre

"Actually, this is not a showroom - it's more than that," explains Kapil Tyagi, who founded this multi-brand space together with Florian Herth. "It is designed in such a way that visitors feel connected to the brands and inspired by their philosophies," explains Kapil Tyagi. The aim is to create a gateway to top European design in India. ZZ-Architects founders Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin add: "We wanted to create an extension of the store. Once you enter, the feeling of being transported inside unfolds."

A SieMatic PURE and a SieMatic CLASSIC are presented in the 100 m² SieMatic Brand Room, as well as a creative area with a contemporary home office solution. The third SieMatic, an SLX, is located in the entrance and meeting area of the exhibition. In the Soulstory Studio Mumbai, a chef has been specially employed to spoil customers with freshly prepared delicacies on request. SieMatic's neighbours in the Soulstory showroom are Edra, Hessentia, Meridiani, Porro, RIVA1920 and Royal Botania - like SieMatic, all with their own "brand room".

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